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Anisha Dixit Animal Movie Controversy Dhruv Rathee

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Recently, our favorite content creator, Anisha Dixit, shared a reel expressing her thoughts on the movie “Animal.” In the video, she highlighted concerns about the way women are depicted in the film, expressing her disappointment with the storyline that seemed to normalize disrespect towards women.

In her caption, Anisha didn’t hold back. She said, “Now Boys will say, it’s just a Movie… Read carefully: I know it’s just fiction… but personally, I feel it doesn’t matter how amazing this movie is cinematically… the moment you highlight and showcase so much disrespect towards women and create a storyline that normalizes things like misogyny… The movie has lost its value for me and has created more problems.”

Anisha pointed out a crucial aspect – the impact of such portrayals on society. She emphasized that showcasing disrespect towards women on the big screen could unconsciously influence people’s mindsets, especially in smaller cities and villages. Anisha believes that fiction, though not real, can shape how people perceive and treat women and men.

She shared her disappointment despite the movie’s promising execution, stating, “This Movie had so much promise in the way it was executed… but for me, it completely lost its value due to this.”

Not everyone agreed with Anisha’s perspective. A comment surfaced suggesting it was time to unfollow her. Anisha responded with grace, saying, “Please do if you can’t respect others’ perspectives and opinions.”

Anisha’s stand sparks a crucial conversation about the influence of movies on societal norms. What do you guys think about this? Share your thoughts!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Why did Anisha Dixit criticize the movie “Animal”?
    Anisha Dixit criticized the movie for its disrespectful portrayal of women and its normalization of misogynistic themes.
  2. What did Anisha mention about the impact on society?
    Anisha highlighted the potential impact of showcasing disrespect towards women in movies, suggesting it could influence societal norms, especially in smaller cities and villages.
  3. Why did Anisha feel the movie lost its value for her?
    Anisha felt the movie lost its value due to its portrayal of women and the normalization of disrespectful themes, despite its promising execution.
  4. How did Anisha respond to a comment suggesting to unfollow her?
    Anisha responded with grace, stating, “Please do if you can’t respect others’ perspectives and opinions.”
  5. What does Anisha’s stand spark a conversation about?
    Anisha’s stand sparks a conversation about the influence of movies on societal norms and the importance of respecting diverse perspectives.

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