Ashish Chanchlani Relationship with Simran Dhanwani!

Ashish Chanchlani Relatonship with Simran Dhanwani Jaadu

Ashish Chanchlani Revealed his Relationship with Simran Dhanwani ! Jaadu Engagement Story! What Happened Next will Shock you ! 👉 Click here to Read More !


  • Ashish Chanchlani clarified that he and Simran, his co-actor in YouTube videos, are just good friends.
  • People speculated that Ashish and Simran were in a relationship, but it’s not true.
  • Ashish’s friend, Jaadu, recently got engaged to Simran.
  • Ashish expressed happiness about Jaadu and Simran’s engagement, saying he had always wanted to bring them together.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about Ashish Chanchlani, the famous YouTuber, and his co-actor Simran. Many people thought they were more than just friends, but Ashish has set the record straight. He made it clear that he and Simran are just good friends, nothing more.

Surprisingly, Ashish revealed that his friend Jaadu is the one who got engaged to Simran. This news came as a shock to some, but Ashish couldn’t be happier. He mentioned that from the beginning, he wanted to see Jaadu and Simran together, and now that it’s happening, he feels content.

In Ashish’s words, “I always owed it to myself to make Jaadu and Simran a couple. I’ve done everything I could to make this happen.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Are Ashish Chanchlani and Simran in a relationship?
    No, Ashish clarified that he and Simran are just good friends.
  2. Who got engaged to Simran recently?
    Ashish’s friend Jaadu got engaged to Simran.
  3. Was Ashish surprised by Jaadu and Simran’s engagement?
    Ashish expressed happiness about the engagement and mentioned that he always wanted to see Jaadu and Simran together.
  4. What did Ashish say about his efforts to bring Jaadu and Simran together?
    Ashish mentioned that he had always wanted to see Jaadu and Simran as a couple and felt content that it’s finally happening.
  5. Will Ashish continue working with Simran on YouTube?
    Yes, Ashish and Simran will continue to collaborate on YouTube videos as good friends and co-actors.

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