“Diwali Is A Source Of Pollution”, Jiya Shankar Statement Gone Viral, Latest Updates!

jiya shankar getting hate on diwali wish

Pollution In Delhi And Mumbai Is Due To Diwali Crackers Must Be Banned In Every City.

Jiya Shankar, the former Big Boss contestant, recently found herself in hot water after sharing a festive Diwali greeting on social media. In an attempt to spread cheer, she posted a photo capturing the cityscapes of Mumbai and Delhi, but little did she know that it would spark controversy.

The image she shared depicted the stark reality of pollution in these bustling metropolises. Smoke-laden skies and a hazy landscape were the backdrop to her heartfelt Diwali wishes. While Jiya’s intention was to raise awareness about the environmental issues plaguing these cities, some netizens interpreted it differently.

A wave of criticism flooded the comments section, with many accusing Jiya of indirectly blaming Diwali crackers for the alarming pollution levels. Some argued that Diwali is a time for celebration, not environmental lectures. The post didn’t sit well with a portion of her followers, who wasted no time in expressing their disapproval.

Jiya Shankar became the target of online trolls, with comments ranging from sarcastic jabs to outright hostility. Netizens accused her of spoiling the festive spirit by injecting a dose of reality into the celebrations. Amidst the virtual uproar, the Diwali wishes got lost, and the focus shifted to the pollution debate.

It’s not the first time a public figure has faced the heat for addressing environmental concerns during festive seasons. Jiya Shankar, however, remains undeterred, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the environmental impact of celebrations. The incident serves as a reminder that even well-intentioned messages can sometimes be misconstrued in the vast realm of social media.


Q: Did Jiya Shankar explicitly blame crackers for pollution? A: No, Jiya Shankar did not explicitly blame crackers in her post. She shared a photo showcasing pollution in Mumbai and Delhi but did not directly point fingers at Diwali celebrations.

Q: Why did people get upset with Jiya’s post? A: Some people interpreted Jiya’s post as an indirect commentary on Diwali crackers contributing to pollution. They felt that such discussions were inappropriate during the festive season.

Q: How did Jiya respond to the backlash? A: As of now, Jiya Shankar has not responded publicly to the backlash. She continues to advocate for environmental awareness on her social media platforms.

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