Fukra Insaan Spent 55 Lakhs For One YouTube Video, Know The Full Story

Fukra insaan spents lakhs for one video

Fukra Insaan Published a Chief Minister Video Expense Of INR 55 Lakh For One Video

In the vibrant world of YouTube, where creativity knows no bounds, popular content creator Fukra Insaan, also known as Abhishek Malhan, recently spilled the beans on his jaw-dropping venture. In a candid revelation, he shared that his most expensive video to date cost a staggering INR 55 lakh!

The video in question revolves around a one-of-a-kind concept – a day in the life of the Chief Minister of Delhi. This unique project has already found its home on Fukra Insaan’s YouTube channel, captivating audiences with its intriguing glimpse into the world of politics and power.

As an avid entertainer, Fukra Insaan is renowned for his humorous take on real-life scenarios, and this high-budget creation is no exception. The video not only showcases his wit and comedic timing but also highlights the lengths to which content creators are willing to go to deliver top-notch entertainment to their audience.

Fans and followers have been buzzing with curiosity about the behind-the-scenes efforts that contributed to the video’s hefty budget. Fukra Insaan’s revelation has left many wondering about the intricacies involved in producing such an extravagant piece of content.


Q: What inspired Fukra Insaan to create a video on the Chief Minister of Delhi?
A: Fukra Insaan is known for his innovative ideas, and the concept of a day in the life of the Chief Minister intrigued him, providing a fresh perspective for his audience.

Q: Why did the video cost INR 55 lakh?
A: The production involved various elements, including high-quality cinematography, location expenses, and the need for a realistic portrayal, contributing to the substantial budget.

Q: Where can viewers watch the video?
A: The video is already live on Fukra Insaan’s YouTube channel, offering viewers an exclusive and entertaining glimpse into the world of Delhi’s Chief Minister.