India vs Bharat: What Dhruv Rathee said will Shock You ! Dhruv vs Sehwag

India vs bharat dhruv rathee

Dhruv Rathee’s Perspective on India vs. Bharat: A Closer Look

In a recent video by popular YouTuber Dhruv Rathee, he delved into a thought-provoking controversy – the name of our nation, India or Bharat. This contentious topic arose when renowned cricketer Virendra Sehwag expressed his views on India’s nomenclature, stating that “India” was a name given by the British, while “Bharat” was our true identity. Dhruv Rathee, known for his analytical approach, responded with a counterargument, highlighting the nuances of the matter. Let’s dissect this discourse and gain a better understanding of the perspectives involved.

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India vs Bharat: What Dhruv Rathee said will Shock You ! Dhruv vs Sehwag 7

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The Debate Unveiled

Virendra Sehwag’s Stand

Virendra Sehwag, a cricketing legend, brought this debate to the forefront. He argued that “India” was a colonial legacy, a name imposed upon our country during the British rule. He believed that “Bharat” was our heritage, resonating with our culture and traditions.

Dhruv Rathee’s Counterargument

Dhruv Rathee, a prominent voice in the online sphere, countered Sehwag’s viewpoint. He emphasized that India was a constitutional name for our nation, and it coexisted with “Bharat.” Rathee argued that both names were valid and didn’t necessarily contradict each other.

The Cultural Perspective

Historical Significance

Diving deeper, we find that “Bharat” has historical significance. It derives from ancient scriptures and represents our rich heritage. On the other hand, “India” reflects the country’s colonial history.

Constitutional Validity

The Indian Constitution recognizes both names, referring to our country as “India” and “Bharat” in Article 1. This constitutional endorsement highlights the harmonious coexistence of the two names.

Addressing Lifestyle Choices

Fashion Trends

In an unexpected turn, Dhruv Rathee pointed out that wearing jeans and t-shirts, commonly associated with Western fashion, was akin to using the English name “India.” He suggested that such lifestyle choices didn’t diminish one’s Indian identity.

virendra sehwag india vs bharat
India vs Bharat: What Dhruv Rathee said will Shock You ! Dhruv vs Sehwag 8

Surrogate Advertising

Rathee also raised concerns about Virendra Sehwag’s association with surrogate advertising of harmful products like pan masala, which can have adverse effects on the youth. He questioned the consistency of embracing Indian culture while endorsing such products.

India Vs bharat , Virendra sehwag dhru v rathee
India vs Bharat: What Dhruv Rathee said will Shock You ! Dhruv vs Sehwag 9

The Reply

Virendra Sehwag’s Response

In response to Dhruv Rathee’s critiques, Virendra Sehwag replied with a witty, “Apply apply but no reply.” This cryptic response left many wondering about his perspective on the matter.


In the India vs. Bharat debate, we see a clash of cultural, historical, and constitutional perspectives. While Virendra Sehwag champions “Bharat” as our true identity, Dhruv Rathee advocates for the coexistence of both “India” and “Bharat.” It’s a reminder that our nation’s identity is as diverse as its people, and the debate itself reflects the vibrant tapestry of India. You can comment down your thoughts below.


Q1: Is “Bharat” the original name of India?

No, “Bharat” is an ancient name with historical significance, but “India” is also a valid name recognized by the Indian Constitution.

Q2: Why does Virendra Sehwag’s fashion choices matter in this debate?

Dhruv Rathee used it as an analogy to demonstrate that adopting Western trends doesn’t diminish one’s Indian identity.

Q3: What is surrogate advertising?

Surrogate advertising is a tactic where brands promote one product while actually advertising another, often due to restrictions on certain products like alcohol or tobacco.

Q4: Did Virendra Sehwag provide a detailed response to Rathee’s points?

No, he responded with a humorous remark, leaving the debate open-ended.

Q5: Can both “India” and “Bharat” coexist as names for our country?

Yes, the Indian Constitution recognizes both names, highlighting their coexistence in the nation’s identity.

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