Love Kataria Supported Abhishek In Big Boss, Angry Reply From The Khabri!

love kataria on big boss

Love Kataria Shared His Opinion On Big Boss Winner List, The Khabri Doing Paid Promotion

Title: Love Kataria Advocates for Abhishek as Bigg Boss Winner, Sparks Twitter Feud

In a recent social media spectacle, renowned YouTuber Love Kataria took to his platform to express his strong opinions on the ongoing Bigg Boss reality show. Sharing a short clip, Kataria passionately endorsed Abhishek as the deserving winner, citing the eviction of UK07 rider as a pivotal moment in the competition.

In the video, Love Kataria made a compelling case for Abhishek, asserting, “Please make Abhishek the winner. With the departure of the UK07 rider, the next best candidate in my opinion is Abhishek.” His endorsement quickly caught the attention of the online community and set off a chain reaction of reactions.

However, not everyone was thrilled with Kataria’s bold proclamation. A popular news page, THE KHABRI, took to Twitter to mockingly comment on Kataria’s influence in the Bigg Boss sphere. The tweet read, ‘Yeh @ElvishYadav ka koie chamcha KHATARIA hai😂, isko lagta ha BiggBoss yeh jityange kisiko😂😂 Inko inki aukaat dikha dena sab is baar, 1 aukaat to dikh gayi, next aukaat Finale me dekh lena.’

Unfazed by the criticism, Love Kataria responded in kind, taking a jab at THE KHABRI’s credibility. He retorted, ‘Tu vhi h na jo paid tweets dalta h. Kya Rate h tere page ka? Cash pakad lio kal.’

This social media feud has undoubtedly added an extra layer of drama to the ongoing Bigg Boss season. As the competition heats up, it remains to be seen whether Love Kataria’s endorsement will sway the audience or if THE KHABRI’s jibe will have a lasting impact.


  1. Why did Love Kataria endorse Abhishek?
  • Love Kataria believes Abhishek is the next best candidate after the eviction of the UK07 rider and passionately advocated for him to be the winner.
  1. What was THE KHABRI’s response?
  • THE KHABRI mocked Love Kataria’s influence in Bigg Boss and challenged him to prove his predictions by saying, “Inko inki aukaat dikha dena sab is baar, 1 aukaat to dikh gayi, next aukaat Finale me dekh lena.”
  1. How did Love Kataria respond to THE KHABRI’s tweet?
  • Love Kataria didn’t back down and questioned THE KHABRI’s credibility, suggesting that they resort to paid tweets. He also asked about the rates for promoting their page.
  1. Will this social media feud impact the Bigg Boss competition?
  • The impact remains uncertain, but it has certainly added an extra layer of drama to the ongoing season, leaving viewers intrigued about the unfolding events.

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