Racism with Indian Youtubers! Scout Facing Racism in Paris

Scout Facing Racism in Paris Full Story Explained

Famous Gaming Youtuber Scout Faced Racism in Paris! He is Very Angry on Security ! What Happened Next will Shock you !


  • Scout, a famous gaming YouTuber, faced racism in Paris.
  • He put his bag on a shopkeeper’s shop while going to the toilet.
  • When he returned, the bag was missing.
  • The shopkeeper had called security, assuming the bag was suspicious.
  • Later, it was revealed the lady shopkeeper was racist and didn’t like Indians.

Hey there, gamers! We’ve got some news from the gaming world that might leave you shocked. Our very own Scout, the famous gaming YouTuber, recently had an unpleasant encounter in the beautiful city of Paris.

Picture this: Scout needed a quick pit stop and headed to the nearest restroom. Being a responsible person, he put his bag on a nearby shopkeeper’s counter, thinking it would be safe and sound while he answered nature’s call.

However, when he returned just five minutes later, his bag had mysteriously disappeared! It turns out, the shopkeeper had called security, assuming something fishy was going on. Now, this is where the plot thickens.

As the security personnel investigated, they uncovered an unfortunate truth – the lady shopkeeper had some biased feelings. Yes, you guessed it right. She didn’t like Indians, and that’s what prompted her to raise an alarm about Scout’s bag.

Now, let’s address some burning questions you might have about this incident:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Why did Scout put his bag on the shopkeeper’s counter?
  • Scout needed a minute to use the restroom, and he thought the shopkeeper’s counter would be a safe spot for his bag.
  1. Why did the shopkeeper call security?
  • The shopkeeper assumed something was wrong and called security, suspecting Scout’s bag.
  1. What did security find out?
  • Security discovered that the lady shopkeeper had some prejudices against Indians, leading to the unnecessary commotion.
  1. Was Scout able to retrieve his bag?
  • Yes, after the misunderstanding was cleared, Scout got his bag back, but the incident left a bitter taste.
  1. How did Scout react to the situation?
  • He shared his experience on social media, urging people to stand against racism and discrimination.

In the world of gaming, it’s disheartening to see such incidents, but it’s essential to shed light on them and promote a community that stands united against discrimination. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s continue to make the gaming world a better place for everyone!

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