Shocking! YouTube Must Delete Chats, BeastBoy Shub Suggestion Went Viral

Beastboy Shub YouTube Suggestion BeastBoyshub Instagram Account Suspeneded !

Beastboy Shub Suggestion To YouTube Is Mind Blowing and can Be Applied In Some Weeks.

Hey, folks! Guess what’s buzzing in the world of YouTube? Our very own Beast Boy Shub just dropped a bomb on Twitter, and it’s got us all nodding in agreement.

So, here’s the deal. Shub took to Twitter, scratching his head over the fact that YouTube, after all these years, still doesn’t let us drop GIFs in the comments. I mean, really? In his tweet, he’s like, “It’s been years since gifs have become popular, why YouTube still doesn’t allow us to comment with gifs still blows my mind. No one suggested that in those YouTube meetings ever? What about images? Duniya Bhar ke dumb decisions karwa lo bus 🫡 This will help so much with spams 😔.”

Honestly, Shub, you’ve got a point! Why are we still stuck in the dark ages of plain old text comments when we could be throwing in GIFs to express ourselves better? And what’s the deal with not being able to share images? It’s like YouTube is keeping us in a visual lockdown.

But wait, the plot thickens! Rachitroo chimed in on this Twitter thread, dropping some truth bombs. He straight-up called YouTube chat the ugliest. Ouch! Shots fired, Rachitroo.

Now, we’re left wondering why YouTube hasn’t jumped on the GIF and image comment bandwagon. It could spice up the comment section, right? Maybe they’re too busy in those mysterious YouTube meetings. Who knows?

🤔 FAQs:

Q: Do you think YouTube should allow GIFs and images in comments? A: Absolutely! Expressing ourselves with more than just words would be epic.

Q: Why is Rachitroo calling YouTube chat the ugliest? A: Maybe he’s just keeping it real. If it’s not pretty, it’s not pretty.

Q: Will YouTube ever listen to Shub’s suggestion? A: Fingers crossed! Let’s hope the YouTube bigwigs catch wind of Shub’s wisdom.

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