Thugesh will Not Support anybody in Bigboss ! No Money , No Promotion !

Thugesh on Bigboss 17 Munawar and Uk07 Rider Support

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Hey friends! So, there’s been some buzz about Thugesh, you know, the cool YouTuber we all love. People are asking him why he isn’t supporting any YouTuber in Bigg Boss this year when he did last year. Well, Thugesh had a simple and honest reply.

Last year, the Bigg Boss show was like a big bag of entertainment chips! It was so much fun, and that’s why Thugesh and his gang supported a YouTuber. They were cheering because the show was a blast.

But this year, things are a bit different. Thugesh made it clear that they didn’t get any money to support anyone. Yep, no cash in the support game this time. So, without the entertainment factor and the lack of moolah, they decided to sit this one out.

Now, let’s dive into some questions people are throwing at Thugesh:

Q1. Why did Thugesh support a YouTuber in Bigg Boss last year?
A1. Because last year’s Bigg Boss was super entertaining, and they wanted to cheer on their fellow YouTuber pals.

Q2. Why isn’t Thugesh supporting anyone this year?
A2. Well, this time, there’s no entertainment vibe, and they didn’t get any money to play the support game.

Q3. Did Thugesh and the gang enjoy Bigg Boss this year at least?
A3. Mahesh didn’t mention that, but it seems without the fun and funds, they weren’t as pumped up about it.

Q4. Will Mahesh support someone in the future Bigg Boss seasons?
A4. Who knows? Mahesh didn’t close the door on that one. Maybe if the show brings back the entertainment and, let’s hope, some cash too!

Q5. Any advice from Mahesh for the YouTubers in Bigg Boss this year?
A5. Mahesh didn’t spill advice, but he hinted that a mix of fun and funds could surely grab their attention next time.

So, there you have it – Mahesh keeping it real and simple, just like we love him to!

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