Triggered Insaan Opens Up About Fukra Insaan’s Approach to Haters

Triggered Insaan Opens up the technique to deal with haters

Triggered Insaan Said ‘ Using No Twitter Will Solve 50% Life’s Problem’

In a recent live stream session, renowned YouTuber Triggered Insaan shed light on his brother, Fukra Insaan’s, stance towards online criticism and controversies. The revelation came when a viewer commented during the live session, advising Fukra Insaan to steer clear of Twitter to avoid unnecessary controversies.

Triggered Insaan, known for his candid responses, addressed the comment with a calm demeanor, stating, “I don’t think he cares much about what people say. But, I do suggest avoiding Twitter altogether. Personally, I haven’t logged into Twitter since around November or December, and life feels much simpler without it.”

The famous YouTuber highlighted the common challenges faced by individuals who choose to share their lives on social media platforms. He remarked, “Many people have issues with others, and even with God, for that matter. It’s impossible to make everyone happy. So, the best approach is to focus on what brings joy to your own life and avoid unnecessary negativity.”

Triggered Insaan’s words carry a valuable message about prioritizing mental well-being and steering clear of online platforms that may contribute to unnecessary stress. His advice reflects a growing trend among content creators who choose to distance themselves from the constant scrutiny and criticism that often accompany social media engagement.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how influencers like Triggered Insaan and Fukra Insaan navigate the delicate balance between sharing their lives with their audience and safeguarding their mental health.


Q1: Why does Triggered Insaan recommend avoiding Twitter?

A1: Triggered Insaan suggests staying away from Twitter to simplify life and reduce exposure to unnecessary controversies.

Q2: How does Triggered Insaan view Fukra Insaan’s approach to haters?

A2: Triggered Insaan believes that Fukra Insaan doesn’t let negative comments bother him much and encourages a focus on personal well-being.

Q3: What message does Nischay Malhan convey about making everyone happy?

A3: Nischay Malhan emphasizes the impossibility of pleasing everyone and advocates for prioritizing one’s own happiness amidst online challenges.

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