Amit Bhadana And Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Private Reply Conversation Went Viral!

yo yo honey singh reaction on amit bhadana new reel

Amit Bhadana and Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Heartwarming Exchange Goes Viral, Read The Full Story.

In the ever-evolving world of social media, interactions between celebrities can create ripples of excitement among their fans. Recently, the popular YouTuber, Amit Bhadana, shared a reel that tugged at the heartstrings of many, showcasing a deeply emotional moment. What made this post even more special was the unexpected comment from none other than the charismatic Punjabi singer, Yo Yo Honey Singh.

In his comment, Yo Yo Honey Singh expressed his sentiments in a simple yet heartfelt manner. He wrote, “Mera bhai mujhe sad nahi acha lagta!! Hasta rahe, hasata rahe, apna sexy freestyle dance karey. THAT IS MY FAVOURITE VERSION OF AMIT BHADANA.” Translated, it means, “My brother, I don’t like sad!! Keep laughing, keep smiling, and do your sexy freestyle dance. Under this, my favorite version of Amit Bhadana.”

Amit, known for his witty responses, didn’t miss a beat. In a charming reply, he said, “Dear Paaji, your brother is a little versatile, that’s why he is there. I act in the environment. The rest of your favorite version hai woh always jeevit. I will stay with you, brother. Love you.”

This exchange between Amit and Yo Yo Honey Singh quickly became the talk of the town, resonating with fans who appreciate not only their talent but also the camaraderie they share. It’s moments like these that bring a touch of authenticity to the digital realm, making the online space a more engaging and relatable platform for fans worldwide.


Q: What was the content of Amit’s emotional reel?

A: The reel shared by Amit captured a heartfelt and emotional moment, inviting a positive response from viewers.

Q: What did Yo Yo Honey Singh comment on Amit Bhadana’s reel?

A: Yo Yo Honey Singh expressed his feelings, stating that he prefers seeing his “brother” happy and engaged in a sexy freestyle dance, declaring it as his favorite version of Amit Bhadana.

Q: How did Amit Bhadana respond to Yo Yo Honey Singh’s comment?

A: Amit Bhadana, in a witty response, acknowledged his versatility and assured Yo Yo Honey Singh that his favorite version of Amit Bhadana would always be alive, expressing love for his brother.

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