Abhi And Niyu Filed A Case Against Colleges, For Inviting Them To College Events?

Niyu get angry on college staff for there bad inviting behaviour in college events and festivals

YouTubers Abhi And Niyu Filed Complaint For Invites By College Team For The Events.

Title: Niyu’s Social Media Outburst Sparks Debate on College Event Invitations

In the buzzing realm of social media, famous YouTuber Abhi and Niyu recently found themselves in the eye of a storm. Niyu, known for her vibrant presence and candid updates, took to her social media to express her frustration with college staff inviting her to events.

Niyu’s discontent unfolded in a heartfelt post where she bared her feelings about being disturbed during her off-hours. “I got a call from some college staff to check emails on my mail at 10 pm when I was outside for some event,” she shared. The frustration deepened as she narrated a morning call urging her to check emails immediately.

“Why are you all so insensitive without knowing my schedule?” Niyu questioned. She emphasized that the constant interruptions, especially for events, were taking a toll on her overall experience. “I enjoy attending events, but the whole experience is telling me to stop going to college events and festivals altogether. Stop calling me to check emails,” she implored.

As the post gained traction, it ignited a debate on the boundaries between personal and professional life. Many users empathized with Niyu, acknowledging the importance of respecting an individual’s schedule. On the flip side, some argued that being part of the limelight comes with its own set of responsibilities, including responding promptly to professional invitations.

The incident has prompted reflection on the expectations placed on influencers and content creators, shedding light on the delicate balance between their public persona and personal space.


Q: Has Niyu responded to the reactions her post received?

A: As of now, Niyu has not provided any further updates or responses to the reactions her post garnered.

Q: Do other influencers share similar sentiments about event invitations?

A: While some influencers have expressed similar frustrations, opinions vary within the community. Each individual’s experience and tolerance levels differ when it comes to managing personal and professional boundaries.

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