Ajju 0008 Reaction on Elvish Yadav Jail Arrest ! Not Supporting ?

ajju 0008 reaction on Elvish Yadav

Ajju 0008 Reacted to Hate he is getting from Elvish Fans . He didn’t support Elvish during his Jail Arrest ! What Happened Next will Shock you ! 👉 Click here to Read More !


  • Elvish Yadav’s fans questioned his old friend, Ajju 0008, about not supporting him after false allegations landed Elvish in jail.
  • Ajju 0008 clarified that posting on Instagram doesn’t necessarily mean support, and issues aren’t resolved on social media.
  • Many assumed Ajju 0008 had distanced himself from Elvish, prompting Ajju 0008 to address the misunderstanding with an Instagram story.

Recently, there has been quite a stir among fans of Elvish Yadav, a popular content creator on social media. It all started when some of his followers began questioning his old friend, Ajju 0008, about his apparent lack of support for Elvish during a challenging time. Elvish Yadav had faced false allegations, which eventually led to him being jailed. In the midst of this turmoil, fans turned to Ajju 0008, seeking answers about his stance on the matter.

In response to the inquiries, Ajju 0008 took to Instagram to address the situation. He explained that merely posting a story on Instagram doesn’t necessarily equate to offering support. Ajju 0008 emphasized that social media platforms like Instagram are not the appropriate venues for resolving complex issues. Despite his silence on the matter, Ajju 0008 reassured everyone that his friendship with Elvish Yadav remained intact.

However, misconceptions began to spread, with many assuming that Ajju 0008 had distanced himself from Elvish Yadav during his challenging time. To clear the air and put an end to the rumors, Ajju 0008 posted another Instagram story. In it, he expressed his frustration with the situation, stating, “I’ve been quiet for a long time, but enough is enough. This has gone too far. You all know the truth. Let’s talk about it.”

This candid message from Ajju 0008 aimed to dispel any doubts about his loyalty to Elvish Yadav. It served as a reminder that real friendships transcend social media and that true support extends beyond online platforms.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. Why were fans questioning Ajju 0008 about his support for Elvish Yadav?
    Fans were concerned about Ajju 0008’s apparent silence regarding Elvish Yadav’s situation, leading them to question his support for his old friend.
  2. How did Ajju 0008 respond to the inquiries from Elvish Yadav’s fans?
    Ajju 0008 clarified on Instagram that posting on social media doesn’t necessarily imply support and that serious issues cannot be resolved through such platforms.
  3. Did Ajju 0008 distance himself from Elvish Yadav?
    No, Ajju 0008 reiterated that his friendship with Elvish Yadav remained unchanged despite the rumors suggesting otherwise.
  4. What was the purpose of Ajju 0008’s second Instagram story?
    Ajju 0008’s second Instagram story aimed to address the misconceptions and rumors surrounding his relationship with Elvish Yadav, reaffirming his support and loyalty.
  5. How did Ajju 0008’s messages impact the situation?
    Ajju 0008’s candid messages helped clarify misunderstandings and reaffirm his friendship with Elvish Yadav, reassuring fans and followers alike.

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