Amit Bhadana’s New Web Series Will Release In January 2024? New Video Coming Soon!

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Amit Bhadana Shared The Latest Update On His Upcoming Video And Web Series

Renowned YouTuber and comedian, Amit Bhadana, recently spilled the beans on his upcoming projects in a candid Q&A session. Fans flooded the comments section with queries ranging from his next video to the much-anticipated web series. Here’s a breakdown of what the witty content creator had to say.

Question 1: Bhai, ab web series aayengi ya video?

Answer: Dono.

It seems like Amit Bhadana is keeping his options open, leaving fans excited about both a potential web series and a regular video.

Question 2: Sir, please start uploading 1 video in a month.

Answer: Long format samay bahut leta hai, tabhi maine socha side by side kuch na kuch aata rahe. Iss baar meri koshish hai jyada content aaye. Tabhi maine Instagram pe reel post ki aur koshish karungha 10-20 minutes ki YouTube video laau har mahine. Dekho kasam maine bhi nahi khaayi na aaye toh lapetna mat mujhe.

Amit Bhadana addressed concerns about his upload frequency, explaining the challenges of producing long-format content. He assured fans of his commitment to delivering more content, hinting at shorter videos alongside his regular uploads.

Question 3: New video ka hint in this month, any video is coming or not?

Answer: This month 1. comedy video. 2. surprise anytime.

The suspense is palpable as Amit Bhadana teased his audience with a hint about this month’s content. Brace yourselves for a laughter-filled comedy video and an unexpected surprise dropping anytime soon.


Q: When can we expect the web series or the next video?
A: The witty YouTuber kept it open-ended, promising both a web series and a video in the pipeline.

Q: Why not upload more frequently?
A: Amit Bhadana addressed the time-consuming nature of long-format content and assured fans of his commitment to more frequent uploads, sharing his strategy to balance Instagram reels and YouTube videos.

Q: What’s in store for this month?
A: Get ready for a comedy video and an exciting surprise from Amit Bhadana, expected to hit your screens anytime soon.

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