Ashish Chanchlani And Harsh Beniwal Roast Went Viral, Bodyshaming Points Were Serious?

Ashish Chanchlani And Harsh Beniwal Roast

Ashish Chanchlani And Harsh Beniwal Familiar Roast Went Viral, Body Shaming Made Fans Crazy

In the vast and entertaining world of YouTube, where content creators often engage in playful banter and good-natured roasts, a recent exchange between two popular figures has caught the attention of fans. The spotlight is on the dynamic duo of Ashish Chanchlani and Harsh Beniwal, whose social media banter has left followers both amused and intrigued.

It all began when Ashish Chanchlani shared a post that seemed to hint at a lighthearted roast directed at Harsh Beniwal. The post included a joke, playfully poking fun at Harsh’s physique. However, Ashish swiftly clarified in a short video clip that it was all in good fun and he was merely jesting about Harsh’s height, not body shaming him.

Harsh, not one to back down, responded with a video of his own, stating, ‘Will I make jokes about your content? Well, I know the quality of your content!’ The friendly banter continued as Ashish retaliated with a humorous quip, comparing Harsh to a radio wave. “What’s the difference between a radio wave and Harsh Beniwal?” Ashish teased. “Radio waves can reach out around 50,000 light years in space, but Harsh can’t even reach his cycle’s paddle.”

The exchange took an amusing turn when Harsh, with a touch of sarcasm, suggested, “Chalo bhai, bahut ho gaya, ab types of Holi banao jaake” (Alright, buddy, that’s enough; go make types of Holi). The familiar roast battle continued, keeping fans entertained with each witty comeback.

In a surprising twist, Ashish Chanchlani eventually stepped in to diffuse the situation. He emphasized that the banter was all in good spirits, emphasizing the long-standing friendship between the two. “Roasting each other and making jokes is a fun part of our friendship,” Ashish shared. He urged fans not to take the roast battle too seriously, reinforcing the idea that it was all in the name of good-natured fun.

The exchange between Ashish Chanchlani and Harsh Beniwal serves as a reminder that even in the world of social media, where opinions can sometimes be divisive, laughter can still bring people together. As fans eagerly await the next chapter of this amusing banter, one thing is certain – these YouTubers know how to keep the entertainment alive.


Q1: Are Ashish Chanchlani and Harsh Beniwal really friends?
A1: Yes, Ashish Chanchlani emphasized that the banter between them is all in good fun and that they share a long-standing friendship.

Q2: Is the roast battle between them serious?
A2: No, both content creators have made it clear that the roast battle is a playful exchange, and fans are encouraged not to take it too seriously.

Q3: What was the joke Ashish made about Harsh Beniwal?
A3: Ashish joked about the difference between a radio wave and Harsh Beniwal, playfully suggesting that radio waves can reach space, but Harsh can’t even reach his cycle’s paddle.

Q4: How did the matter between Ashish and Harsh get resolved?
A4: Ashish Chanchlani stepped in and clarified that the banter was all in good spirits. He emphasized the fun aspect of roasting each other and reassured fans that there is no animosity between them.

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