Caitibugzz Sexually Harrased by Fellow Streamer George! Huge Allegation on Georgenotfound !

caitibugzz george allegation sexually harrased

Famous Female Streamer Caitibugzz made a Huge Allegation on George for Sexually Harrasing him ! What Happened Next will Shock you ! 👉 Click here to Read More !


  • Caitibugzz accuses Georgenotfound of sexual harassment.
  • Georgenotfound plans a serious stream to address the allegations.
  • Caitibugzz mentions having evidence, including screen recordings.

Recently, a female YouTuber known as Caitibugzz stirred up controversy when she made serious allegations against fellow YouTuber Georgenotfound, accusing him of sexual harassment. The accusations sparked a heated discussion within the online community, prompting Georgenotfound to respond with a statement indicating his intention to address the issue seriously.

Georgenotfound, in response to the allegations, stated, “I will be doing a very serious stream later today, this post is just to make that clear. I am gathering all the information and evidence to share.” This announcement hinted at his readiness to confront the accusations and provide his perspective on the matter.

Caitibugzz Allegation on Georgenotfound

In her follow-up statement, Caitibugzz reiterated her stance, expressing readiness to provide evidence to support her claims. She stated, “We are waiting. Pull whatever you can find. I also have screen recorded everything. I planned on using it to support my case IF needed, but please, share it on my behalf if you’d like.” This assertion highlighted her determination to address the issue and seek justice for herself.

As the situation unfolds, both Caitibugzz and Georgenotfound’s followers await further developments, eager to see how the matter will be resolved.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What did Caitibugzz accuse Georgenotfound of?
    Caitibugzz accused Georgenotfound of sexual harassment.
  2. What did Georgenotfound say in response to the allegations?
    Georgenotfound stated that he would address the allegations seriously in a later stream and was gathering evidence to share.
  3. What evidence does Caitibugzz claim to have?
    Caitibugzz mentioned having screen recordings as evidence to support her case.
  4. What is the current status of the situation?
    Both Caitibugzz and Georgenotfound’s followers are waiting for further updates on the matter.
  5. How are people reacting to the allegations?
    The online community is engaged in a discussion about the allegations, eagerly awaiting resolution and justice.

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