Dhruv Rathee Gets Very Upset, On Shakshee Malik’s This Type Of Retirement!

Dhruv Rathee on shakshi malik retirement

Dhruv Rathee Tweet On The Shakshee Malik Retirement, People Are Ver Insensitive

In a recent turn of events, the renowned Indian YouTuber, Dhruv Rathee, took to Twitter to express his sentiments on the retirement of Indian female wrestler Sakshi Malik. Rathee, who is known for his insightful commentary on various issues, shared a tweet that echoed a collective sense of sadness for the departure of a seasoned athlete.

“Very sad day for Indian sports,” he tweeted, encapsulating the somber mood surrounding Sakshi Malik’s retirement. The news, however, sparked a debate on social media when a man responded to Rathee’s tweet, questioning Malik’s performance in recent years.

The respondent argued, “She is 31. Not performing anywhere close to what other younger Indian athletes are doing. People even asked KL Rahul to retire at 28. Sit Down.” This remark caught the attention of Dhruv Rathee, who was quick to come to the defense of the Olympic wrestler.

In a spirited response, Rathee countered, “How shamelessly can you defame our Olympic players? She literally won a gold medal last year at the Commonwealth Games 2022. She would have won many more medals if not for this.”

The exchange sheds light on the challenges faced by athletes as they age and grapple with the expectations of a demanding audience. While some critics may question the longevity of an athlete’s career, Rathee’s impassioned defense emphasizes the achievements and contributions of Sakshi Malik, reminding the public of her recent triumph at the Commonwealth Games.

As the world reflects on the retirement of one of India’s accomplished wrestlers, the discourse on social media continues. Such interactions not only highlight the nuances of sports culture but also underscore the importance of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of athletes, regardless of age.


Q: Who is Dhruv Rathee?

A: Dhruv Rathee is a prominent Indian YouTuber known for his insightful commentary on various social, political, and sports-related issues.

Q: What did Dhruv Rathee tweet about Sakshi Malik?

A: Dhruv Rathee expressed sadness over Indian female wrestler Sakshi Malik’s retirement in a tweet, emphasizing the significance of her contributions to Indian sports.

Q: What was the controversy surrounding Sakshi Malik’s retirement?

A: A man on Twitter questioned Sakshi Malik’s performance and suggested that, at 31, she should retire. Dhruv Rathee defended Malik, citing her recent gold medal win at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Q: Why did Dhruv Rathee defend Sakshi Malik?

A: Dhruv Rathee defended Sakshi Malik against criticism, emphasizing her achievements, including a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022, and condemning attempts to defame Olympic players.

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