Dhruv Rathee’s Take on Israel vs. Palestine: Analyzing the Controversy

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In the age of social media, public figures often find themselves embroiled in controversies. The recent controversy involving famous YouTuber Dhruv Rathee and his views on the Israel vs. Palestine conflict has sparked intense debates across the internet. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of what transpired and analyze the implications of his statements.

Understanding Dhruv Rathee’s Perspective

A Spider-Man Analogy

Dhruv Rathee, known for his insightful commentary on geopolitics and various informative topics, recently discussed the Israel vs. Palestine conflict in one of his videos. What caught everyone’s attention was his use of a famous Spider-Man movie dialogue, “With great power comes great responsibility.” He encouraged viewers to consider both sides of the conflict, asserting that Israel, with its formidable military and defense systems, holds greater power.

Rathee argued that given their strength, Israel has a heightened responsibility not to respond to violence with violence, particularly when faced with rocket attacks from groups like Hamas, which Israel considers a terrorist organization.

The Controversial Tweet

Following his video, a tweet went viral in which Rathee’s stance was criticized. The tweet read, “Israel is facing the worst terror attack. But according to @dhruv_rathee, Israel should not retaliate against terrorists because Uncle Spider-Man said, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.'”

This tweet set off a chain reaction of reactions and discussions, with many people expressing their disagreement with Rathee’s views.

The Copyright Issue

In a surprising turn of events, the same Twitter user who criticized Rathee’s stance claimed that Rathee had issued a copyright strike against a video they had posted on Twitter, which featured Rathee’s commentary. This move led to further controversy, with some accusing Rathee of attempting to silence dissenting voices.

The Instagram Reel by Adnan_07dz

Amidst the growing controversy, Adnan_07dz, an Instagram user, posted a video in which he waved the Palestinian flag while the Indian flag was visible in the background. This gesture sparked outrage among Indian viewers who felt that it implied India’s support for terrorism.

Analyzing the Fallout

Freedom of Expression vs. Copyright

The controversy surrounding the copyright strike raises questions about the balance between freedom of expression and copyright protection. While content creators have the right to protect their work, this incident ignited a debate about whether using copyright claims to stifle criticism is ethical.

Nationalism and Online Backlash

Adnan_07dz’s Instagram reel exemplifies how online actions can have real-world consequences. The video stirred nationalist sentiments and calls for punitive action against him, highlighting the volatile nature of online discourse.

The Responsibility of Influencers

Dhruv Rathee’s situation underscores the responsibility that influencers carry in shaping public opinion. With great reach comes great influence, and influencers must exercise their platform judiciously, keeping in mind the potential impact of their words on a global scale.


The controversy surrounding Dhruv Rathee’s views on the Israel vs. Palestine conflict is a stark reminder of the power and responsibility that social media influencers wield. While Rathee’s use of the Spider-Man analogy sparked debate, it also led to discussions on copyright, nationalism, and the role of influencers in public discourse.

In a world where information travels fast and opinions are easily amplified, it is crucial for both content creators and their audiences to engage in constructive dialogue that respects diverse viewpoints.


  1. Did Dhruv Rathee take a stance on the Israel vs. Palestine conflict? Yes, he did. Rathee used a Spider-Man analogy to express his perspective, emphasizing Israel’s responsibility due to its superior power.
  2. What was the controversy surrounding a copyright strike against Rathee’s critic? A Twitter user claimed that Rathee issued a copyright strike against a video they posted featuring Rathee’s commentary, leading to accusations of silencing criticism.
  3. How did Adnan_07dz’s Instagram reel become controversial? Adnan_07dz waved the Palestinian flag with the Indian flag in the background, which some interpreted as implying India’s support for terrorism, sparking outrage.
  4. What lessons can be learned from this controversy? This controversy highlights the responsibility of influencers, the balance between freedom of expression and copyright, and the impact of online actions on real-world sentiments.
  5. How can online discourse be more constructive in such contentious issues? Constructive online discourse involves respectful dialogue, consideration of diverse viewpoints, and a commitment to responsible use of one’s platform.

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