Education Industry Soon Become Dumb? Thugesh Bold Reply To Abhishek Sir Chemistry

Thugesh reply to abhishek sir chemistry

Thugesh Bold Reply To Abhishek Sir Chemistry, Said That’s Not Good To Make Negative Mindset Of Students

In a recent video shared by the renowned YouTuber and comedian Thugesh, an interesting dialogue unfolded with a teacher named Abhishek Sir Chemistry. Abhishek expressed his concern, stating that people tend to subscribe to entertainers like CarryMinati and Thugesh, neglecting educational channels like his own, which provide valuable content.

Thugesh aka Mahesh Keshwala responded emphatically, asserting that Mr. Abhishek, as a teacher, should recognize that not everyone on YouTube is there to study chemistry. Some come for entertainment, and that’s why they subscribe to channels like Thugesh’s. Thugesh cautioned against promoting the notion that subscribing to entertainment channels is inherently bad, just to divert subscriptions to educational channels.

The plot thickened when Mahesh teased a forthcoming video on Mridul Madhok and MBA Casewala. This announcement follows Mridul Madhok’s recent involvement in issuing copyright strikes against fellow content creators. Mahesh’s tweet caught the attention of Lakshay Chaudhary, who responded with a cryptic “Ahemm!! Welcome to the Party..” It seems that Lakshay is also gearing up to target Mridul Madhok, indicating a collaborative effort with Thugesh to address the unfolding situation.

The YouTube landscape continues to be a dynamic space, where content creators navigate not only the intricacies of their respective genres but also engage in conversations that reflect the evolving nature of online content creation.

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