iPhone Users are doing Showoff ! Gyan Therapy Savage Reply to Haters !

Gyan Therapy Savage Reply to Haters , iphone Users

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Hey there, awesome readers! Today, we’ve got some quirky news from Gyan Therapy that might just tickle your brain cells. Brace yourselves!

So, Gyan Therapy sent out a tweet that said, “Nowadays, Duke = Mahindra Thar = iPhone #HawaBaaziKaNateeji.” Wait, what? Let’s break it down in simple terms.

According to Gyan Therapy, they’re comparing Duke, Mahindra Thar, and iPhone. No, it’s not some math problem. It’s more like saying these three things are kind of similar in a funny way.

But hold on, they’re not talking about the people who genuinely use these things. Confused? Let’s clear it up.

Q: Who are the genuine users?
A: The ones who didn’t buy these just to show off but got them because they genuinely needed them. Their value is more than just following a brand because, let’s be real, anyone can do that.

So, who are the genuine users? Well, they are the ones who didn’t buy these just to flaunt or pretend. Their value is not in the brand name but in the real use of the product.

Q: Who are not genuine users then?
A: Those who may not have the means at home but are getting iPhones just to show off, whether by borrowing money or going for installments. They may overshadow the genuine users, but their value is less.

In simple words, Rakesh is pointing out that some people might be all about the show, but it’s the real users who give these things their true worth. So, next time you see someone with a fancy phone, a cool bike, or a snazzy car, think about whether they’re the real deal or just putting on a show.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What does Gyan Therapy’s tweet mean?
A: Gyan Therapy is jokingly saying that Duke, Mahindra Thar, and iPhone are kind of the same in a funny way.

Q: Who are genuine users according to Gyan Therapy?
A: Genuine users are the ones who didn’t buy these things just to show off but because they genuinely needed them.

Q: Why does Gyan Therapy think some users are not genuine?
A: Gyan Therapy believes that some people get these things just for the show, borrowing money or going for installments, making their value less than the genuine users.

Q: What’s the message from Gyan Therapy?
A: Gyan Therapy is highlighting that real value comes from genuine use, not just showing off. So, think twice before judging someone’s cool stuff!

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