You Can’t use Phone After 5 Year? Gyan Therapy vs Ranjana Singh Controversy !

Gyan Therapy vs Ranjana Singh Controversy Twitter Scam

Ranjana Singh Spreading Fake News Against Phone Usgae? Gyan Therapy vs Ranjana Singh Controversy ! What Happened Next will Shock you ! 👉 Click here to Read More !

In a recent incident buzzing on social media, news anchor Ranjana Singh Rathore posted a video claiming that your phone can only be used for five years, and after that, you have to throw it away. This caught the attention of YouTuber Gyan Therapy, who urged everyone not to be scared by such statements.

A concerned viewer asked Gyan Therapy on WhatsApp if this information was true, to which Gyan Therapy responded, “Don’t be scared, buddy! SAR value is not some sensational news. It’s not about scaring people but explaining with proper information. Reels like these can be misleading to innocent viewers, and scaring them is not the right way.”

In response, Ranjana Singh defended her statement by saying, “Here is the statement from experts as well. I hope you all believe them at least.” She shared an article link, emphasizing the importance of not just believing what people say and encouraging everyone to stop spreading hate.

However, Gyan Therapy wasn’t convinced. He pointed out that the article shared by Ranjana Singh was from six years ago and challenged her to show where it said that phones cannot be used after five years. He also questioned her knowledge of SAR value and accused her of spreading wrong information for views.

The exchange continued with Gyan Therapy highlighting Ranjana Singh’s lack of responsibility as an anchor, accusing her of sharing misinformation for attention. He even tweeted about the value not being in the number of followers but in the substance of one’s words.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is it true that phones can only be used for five years, as claimed by Ranjana Singh?
  • The claim made by Ranjana Singh about phones being usable for only five years is not supported by evidence. Gyan Therapy has questioned the validity of such statements.
  1. What is SAR value, and why is it important?
  • SAR value refers to Specific Absorption Rate, a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. It’s essential to consider when discussing phone usage.
  1. Why did Gyan Therapy challenge Ranjana Singh’s statement?
  • Gyan Therapy challenged Ranjana Singh’s statement because he believed it was misleading and lacked proper information. He emphasized the need for responsible sharing of information, especially by news anchors.
  1. What did Ranjana Singh say in response to the criticism?
  • Ranjana Singh defended her statement by sharing an article link and urged people to believe in expert opinions. However, Gyan Therapy questioned the relevance of the shared article and accused her of spreading misinformation.
  1. What did Gyan Therapy emphasize about followers and value?
  • Gyan Therapy highlighted that the value doesn’t come from the number of followers but from the substance of one’s words. He urged everyone to focus on responsible sharing of information rather than seeking attention through sensationalism.

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