Indian Youtubers reaction on Worldcup Final ! India Loses in Worldcup !

india vs australia match reaction worldcup final

Dhruv rathee Reply to hate For Indian team After Losing Worldcup Final ! What he said will shock you ! Click Here to Read More !

In a surprising turn of events, Australia emerged as the champions in the recent World Cup, defeating India in the final match. India, having won all their matches leading up to the final, faced an unexpected defeat, leaving fans both disappointed and shocked.

However, the aftermath of the final took an unpleasant turn on social media, particularly Twitter. Some people, fueled by disappointment, started hurling abuses at the Indian players for their performance in the crucial match.

Youtubers reaction on India vs Austarlia Worldcup FInal
Indian Youtubers reaction on Worldcup Final ! India Loses in Worldcup ! 5

Dhruv Rathee, a popular YouTuber, took to Twitter to express his dismay at this behavior. He tweeted, “This is disgusting behavior. As soon as players don’t perform, some people start throwing abuses at them. The Indian team has done a great job this World Cup, even if they lose, they deserve to be treated with respect.”

Rathee’s tweet resonated with many who believed in acknowledging the efforts of the Indian team throughout the tournament. The World Cup journey was a commendable one for the Indian players, and the focus should be on celebrating their achievements rather than criticizing a single match outcome.

Fukra Insaan Aka Abhishek Malhan Also Tweeted That India ruled this tournament . For me Indian team still stays the strongest side and will always be my champions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Did India win all their matches in the World Cup?
  • Yes, India won all their matches leading up to the final in the World Cup.
  1. What happened in the final match against Australia?
  • India faced an unexpected defeat in the final match against Australia, resulting in Australia becoming the champions.
  1. Why did people start abusing Indian players on Twitter?
  • Some fans, disappointed by India’s loss in the final, resorted to abusive language on Twitter directed at the Indian players.
  1. What did Dhruv Rathee tweet about the situation?
  • Dhruv Rathee expressed his displeasure on Twitter, calling the behavior of abusing players disgusting and emphasizing that the Indian team deserved respect for their overall performance in the World Cup.
  1. How did people react to Dhruv Rathee’s tweet?
  • Many people agreed with Dhruv Rathee’s sentiment, supporting the idea of treating the Indian team with respect despite the outcome of a single match.

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