Manoj Dey’s Reaction On The Online Course Selling Business Scam!

Manoj Dey Reaction On The Online Course Selling Business Scam

Manoj Dey Shared His Thoughts on The Course Selling Business Scam, Know The Story

In a recent Instagram post, the renowned YouTuber Manoj Dey dropped a noteworthy message that has left many of his followers contemplating their online course purchases. With a touch of candor, he conveyed, “Ek chij hamesha samjhata hun: online kisi ka bhi kisi bhi prakar ka koi bhi course sale ho rha aur aap usko kharid rahe ho, jaan lena wo sara content aapko free me bhi available hai. Chahe wo kaisa bhi course ho, to soch samjh kar apna paisa lagana. Paisa kamane ka baat aata to aaj tak main v croro chhap chuka hota YouTube course bech kar, aur sale v bahut hoga, cos you know YouTube tips ka sabse bada channel apna hai hai.”

Manoj Dey’s candid revelation has sparked a buzz in the online community, prompting followers to reconsider their investments in various courses. The message underscores the importance of making informed decisions before parting with hard-earned money, especially in the realm of online education.


Q: Is Manoj Dey against online courses?
A: Manoj Dey emphasizes being cautious and considering the availability of free content before purchasing any online course.

Q: Why does he mention his success in selling YouTube courses?
A: Manoj Dey highlights his success to drive home the point that even someone with significant earnings from selling courses acknowledges the availability of free content.

Q: What is the main takeaway from his message?
A: The main takeaway is to think carefully before investing in online courses, as there might be free alternatives available, irrespective of the course type.

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