Manoj Dey’s Mobile Number Leaked, Getting Threat Calls By YouTuber!

manoj dey mobile number leaked and getting threats

Manoj Dey Mobile Number Leaked, Getting Abusive Statment From A YouTuber

In the realm of online content creation, unexpected events can sometimes take center stage. Recently, the renowned YouTuber Manoj Dey found himself at the heart of an unusual encounter. In a short clip shared on his social media, Dey disclosed a peculiar phone call he received from an unknown individual.

In the video, Dey recounted the caller’s claim that their YouTube channel, boasting a substantial 80 thousand subscribers, had been unceremoniously deleted. However, the conversation took an unexpected turn as the disgruntled caller resorted to hurling abusive language at the popular content creator.

Maintaining his composure, Dey responded with a simple yet firm message, suggesting that the channel’s deletion might be attributed to some mistake on the part of the caller. Despite the unwarranted verbal onslaught, Dey handled the situation gracefully, urging his audience not to circulate his private contact information.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by influencers in the digital realm, where interactions with viewers can take unexpected turns. Manoj Dey’s level-headed approach to the situation echoes the importance of online personalities safeguarding their privacy, even in the face of unexpected and unsolicited calls.

Q: What happened to Manoj Dey’s YouTube channel?
A: Manoj Dey’s channel is intact; the incident involved a caller claiming their own channel had been deleted.

Q: How did Manoj Dey respond to the abusive language?
A: Dey responded calmly, attributing the channel’s deletion to a potential mistake on the caller’s part.

Q: Why did Manoj Dey address his private number in the video?
A: Dey requested viewers not to share his private number, emphasizing the need for online personalities to protect their privacy.

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