Nepal Influencer Usha Chhetri Harrased in Assam ! Molestation Case !

Usha Chhetri Harrased in assam ,nepal Influnecer

Usha Chhetri Recently Request CM of Assam to Take Strict Action against Criminal who have Done Molestation with Her. What Happened Next will Shock you ! 👉 Click here to Read More !


  • Nepal influencer Usha Chhetri faced harassment in Assam.
  • She was molested because of her boy cut hairstyle.
  • Asked to provide proof of gender, which is disrespectful.
  • Was physically assaulted and mocked by police.
  • Urges Assam CM for strict action against the perpetrator.

Recently, a distressing incident unfolded in Assam involving Usha Chhetri, a young influencer from Nepal who came to the state for studies. Usha, known for her bold personality and unique style, found herself subjected to horrendous treatment that no individual should ever endure.

The unfortunate events began when Usha, sporting a boy cut hairstyle, became the target of molestation. Shockingly, her appearance became the basis for this heinous act, highlighting the shallow mindset prevailing in certain quarters of society. Moreover, the perpetrators went to the extent of demanding proof of her gender, a request that is not just intrusive but deeply disrespectful.

Adding insult to injury, Usha was physically assaulted, enduring a hard blow to her face. Seeking justice, she approached the police station, hoping for support and protection. However, to her dismay, even the authorities failed her. Instead of empathy and action, she faced further humiliation as the perpetrators allegedly had connections within the police force.

In the face of such injustice, Usha Chhetri has taken a stand. She is urging the Chief Minister of Assam to intervene and ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice swiftly and decisively. It’s a plea for not just herself but for every individual who has faced similar atrocities and seeks an end to such reprehensible behavior.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What happened to Usha Chhetri in Assam?
    Usha Chhetri, a Nepali influencer studying in Assam, faced molestation and physical assault based on her appearance.
  2. Why was Usha asked to prove her gender?
    Usha was asked to provide proof of her gender due to her boy cut hairstyle, which is a deeply disrespectful and invasive demand.
  3. How did the police respond to Usha’s complaint?
    Unfortunately, the police allegedly mocked Usha and failed to take appropriate action, citing connections between the perpetrators and the police force.
  4. What is Usha Chhetri urging the Assam CM to do?
    Usha is urging the Chief Minister of Assam to take strict action against the criminals responsible for her ordeal, seeking justice and protection for herself and others facing similar situations.
  5. What message does Usha’s case send to society?
    Usha’s case highlights the urgent need for societal change, emphasizing the importance of respect, empathy, and swift justice for victims of harassment and assault.

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