Physics Wallah Teacher Defamed Khan Sir? For His Desi Style Of Teaching!

Physics wallah teacher defamed khan sir

Physics Wallah Teacher’s Comment On The Desi Teaching Method Of Khan Sir

Title: Clash of Teaching Styles: Physics Wallah Teacher Sparks Controversy with Remarks on Khan Sir

In a recent turn of events, the renowned Physics Wallah Institute’s teacher has stirred the educational waters with some controversial comments directed towards India’s top educator, Khan Sir. The crux of the matter revolves around Khan Sir’s distinct teaching style, labeled as ‘desi’ by the Physics Wallah instructor.

During a lecture, a student boldly questioned the Physics Wallah teacher, asking if he intended to emulate Khan Sir. In response, the PW teacher displayed a surprising level of admiration for Khan Sir’s teaching prowess. “No,” he declared, “He is a great teacher, and I can’t be like him.”

The focal point of the controversy lies in Khan Sir’s informal approach to teaching. The student relayed instances where Khan Sir addresses male and female students as ‘sasur’ and ‘sasuri,’ respectively—a level of casualness not endorsed by the Physics Wallah teacher’s own mentors. Despite the disparity in teaching styles, the Physics Wallah instructor lauded Khan Sir as a “great personality,” endorsing the belief that what he does is just right.

As the debate over teaching methodologies continues to unfold, it raises pertinent questions about the diversity of educational approaches and the impact they have on students. The clash of styles between these two influential educators only adds fuel to the ongoing discourse about the right balance between formality and informality in the classroom.


Q: Is the Physics Wallah teacher against Khan Sir?
A: No, the Physics Wallah teacher expressed admiration for Khan Sir’s teaching abilities, acknowledging him as a great personality.

Q: What sparked the controversy?
A: The controversy stems from the Physics Wallah teacher’s critique of Khan Sir’s ‘desi’ teaching style, particularly his use of informal terms like ‘sasur’ and ‘sasuri’ during lectures.

Q: Does this dispute impact the education sector?
A: The debate sheds light on the diverse teaching methodologies employed by educators, prompting discussions about the right balance between formality and informality in the classroom.

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