Semi-Nudity in Ancient Temple ? Praveen Mohan Channel Deleted !

Praveen mohan channel deleted youtube ancient temple adult content controversy !

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Hey everyone! Big news in the YouTube world that’s buzzing around – Praveen Mohan’s channel got the boot! Why? Well, he’s into documenting ancient temples, and you won’t believe why YouTube decided to pull the plug.

So, Praveen loves exploring these old, cool temples, right? But guess what? Some of these places have statues that are, well, let’s say, a bit naked. Yep, you heard it right – ancient sculptures that are, um, not fully dressed.

Now, YouTube being the rule stickler it is, thought, “Hey, that’s adult content!” So, they slapped Praveen with a community guideline strike, and poof! His channel vanished.

Now, we get it, YouTube wants to keep things family-friendly, but Praveen was just trying to share the amazing history of these temples. Tough luck, right?

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Why did Praveen Mohan’s channel get terminated?
A: Praveen’s channel got the boot because YouTube thought the ancient statues in the temples he was documenting were a bit too naked for their liking.

Q2: Is Praveen Mohan in trouble?
A: Well, not really trouble, but YouTube did give his channel a community guideline strike, and now it’s gone.

Q3: Were the statues really that adult-like?
A: Not really! They were just ancient sculptures, but YouTube’s rules are pretty strict when it comes to anything that might be seen as adult content.

Q4: Will Praveen Mohan get his channel back?
A: That’s the big question! Praveen is probably talking to YouTube, trying to sort things out and get back to sharing his cool temple adventures.

Q5: Can we still watch Praveen’s old videos?
A: Nope, his channel is down for now. But let’s hope YouTube and Praveen work things out, and we can get back to exploring ancient temples together soon!

Remember, folks, the internet can be a tricky place, and sometimes, even ancient sculptures can cause a stir!

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