Rupam the Explorer Demands Answers: Mamaearth, Where’s My Hard-Earned Money?”

rupam the explorer and mamaearth controversy

Rupam the Explorer Raises Concerns Over Unpaid Fees from Mamaearth Company

In the dynamic world of online content creation, collaborations between influencers and brands have become commonplace. Recently, the renowned YouTuber, Rupam the Explorer, took to social media to express his concerns about his dealings with Mamaearth, a popular skincare and beauty product company.

Rupam, known for his adventurous spirit and engaging content, revealed that he has been a longtime collaborator with Mamaearth, promoting their products through various advertisements. However, the content creator disclosed that he has faced issues with the company in recent months concerning delayed or missing payments.

In a candid statement, Rupam stated, “I have done many advertisements for Mamaearth, and it’s disheartening to face payment delays. I want to clarify that I am not accusing the company directly, as it could be a result of issues with middlemen or agents causing the delay or potential scam.”

Taking his concerns to Twitter, Rupam posted, “I have been complaining for the last 2 months, but @mamaearthindia hasn’t responded or taken any action. This is affecting my trust in your company. Please take the necessary steps and provide me with my hard-earned money.”

This public call-out has sparked curiosity among Rupam’s followers and the online community, leaving many wondering about the potential impact on Mamaearth’s reputation and how the company will address these allegations.


Q: Has Mamaearth responded to Rupam’s complaints?
A: As of now, there is no public response from Mamaearth regarding Rupam’s concerns.

Q: How is the online community reacting to Rupam’s tweets?
A: The online community is actively discussing and speculating on the situation, with many expressing support for Rupam and seeking updates from both parties.

Q: What steps can Mamaearth take to address this issue?
A: Mamaearth can initiate transparent communication with Rupam, investigate the matter, and provide a timely resolution to rebuild trust in their brand.

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