Shocking! Carryminati Will Go To The Jail? Sadhguru’s Bold Action Latest Update

Sadhguru reply on carryminati new parody video

Carryminati’s New Video Make Trouble, Sadhguru’s Bold Reply In Interview

In a recent turn of events, the renowned YouTuber CarryMinati, boasting a staggering 40 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform, unleashed a parody video targeting motivational speakers. The video, however, took an unexpected turn when CarryMinati chose to portray Sadhguru in a rather unconventional and adult manner, sparking a wave of mixed reactions among viewers.

The parody, which featured not only Sadhguru but also Ankit Baiyanpuria and Sandeep Maheshwari, didn’t sit well with a considerable portion of the audience. Many found the depiction of Sadhguru in such a light distasteful and inappropriate.

As the video gained traction, questions naturally arose about how those targeted in the parody perceived it. During a recent interview with Sadhguru, a reporter posed the direct question, addressing the trolling and the parody video by CarryMinati. To this, Sadhguru calmly responded, “I don’t worry about what someone says about me, and it doesn’t make any difference. However, it really affects my work because this thing makes my work unnecessarily difficult. All kinds of rubbish are put over the place.”

Sadhguru acknowledged the reality of dealing with criticism, emphasizing that while it doesn’t personally affect him, it does impact his professional endeavors. He expressed his understanding that some individuals, lacking significant pursuits in their own lives, resort to such actions as a means of livelihood.

Moreover, Sadhguru touched upon the responsibility that comes with being an influencer. He subtly urged influencers, especially those with a massive following like CarryMinati’s 40 million subscribers, to exercise greater responsibility in their content creation. In doing so, he highlighted the potential impact such content can have on a vast audience and the importance of considering the consequences of one’s influence.

The incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between creative expression, freedom of speech, and the responsibility that influencers bear in shaping public opinion. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly crucial for content creators to navigate this terrain with mindfulness and sensitivity.

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