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Fukra Insaan: From Controversy to Compassion – A Tale of Redemption

In the ever-evolving world of social media, where every action is scrutinized, a four-year-old video of famous YouTuber Fukra Insaan recently resurfaced, causing quite a stir in the online community. This video depicted him mimicking a smoking pose with an agarbatti (incense stick) in front of Lord Ganesha, a revered deity in Hinduism. As expected, the video went viral, sparking outrage and condemnation from many quarters. However, Fukra Insaan responded to the controversy with humility, expressing remorse for any offense caused.

The Viral Controversy

The video in question, which dates back to Fukra Insaan’s early days on TikTok, portrayed him in a casual, light-hearted moment that was never intended to disrespect any religious sentiments. Unfortunately, the video resurfaced at a time when the internet is hypersensitive to even the slightest provocations. Many people took offense and criticized Fukra Insaan for what they perceived as a blasphemous act.

In response to the backlash, Fukra Insaan took to Twitter, stating, “Me being a Lord Ganesha Bhakt all my life, I see people trying to portray me negatively with a 3-4 years back TikTok video, which was a trend of how teenagers are involved in bad habits rather than prayers. (I feel you guys are smart enough to know what’s going on). Still, I’ll say sorry if I offended anyone ❤️.” This tweet demonstrated his willingness to acknowledge any hurt feelings and his dedication to Lord Ganesha.

A Redemption Arc

Following the controversy, Fukra Insaan took a remarkable step towards redemption. In a newly released video, he embraced the role of a chief minister for 24 hours, serving the public with unwavering honesty and loyalty. The inspiration for this noble endeavor came from the Bollywood film ‘Nayak.’ In this video, Fukra Insaan planted 10,000 trees, cleaned up 400 kilograms of garbage, donated sewing machines to empower women, and installed portable toilets, among various other acts of kindness and welfare.

Influence for a Positive Change

Fukra Insaan’s transformation from controversy to compassion did not go unnoticed. One Twitter user lauded him by stating, “The only YouTuber who has taken the initiative to complete our PM @narendramodi’s statement!! Proud of you @AbhishekMalhan4 for your appreciable efforts. You are inspiring millions of people in India by your work.”

Abhishek Malhan, in response, expressed gratitude, saying, “I’m thankful to all the people out there who made me capable enough to deliver a video like this. We planted 10,000+ trees, gave ration at Re1, gave 50 sewing machines to women, planted portable toilets, and helped orphans and old age homes to the max. Love you guys ❤️.”

Emotional Acknowledgment

As the video garnered more attention, Abhishek Malhan found himself becoming emotional. He took to Twitter to thank his editor, saying, “I’m myself getting emotional watching this video. Kudos to one of the best editors @Moppy_op out there ❤️. Love you, mere bhai. You gave this project the best possible shape 🫡.”

A Call for Positivity

In a final tweet, Fukra Insaan urged his followers to focus on positivity rather than negativity. He emphasized the power of positive thinking, stating, “In the end, we need to focus on positivity rather than the negatives that are going out there. Read it a long time back, what we focus on will grow. Let’s all be positive and focus on positivity to create a positive world 🐼❤️.”


Fukra Insaan’s journey from controversy to compassion serves as a compelling example of personal growth and redemption in the age of social media scrutiny. His willingness to admit his mistakes and make amends showcases the transformative power of humility and dedication to a positive cause. As we navigate the digital landscape, let us remember the importance of forgiveness, understanding, and focusing on the positive aspects of life.


1. What was the controversial video that Fukra Insaan posted? Fukra Insaan’s controversial video depicted him mimicking a smoking pose with an agarbatti in front of Lord Ganesha, a revered Hindu deity.

2. How did Fukra Insaan respond to the controversy? Fukra Insaan responded to the controversy by acknowledging his mistake on Twitter and expressing remorse for any offense caused.

3. What did Fukra Insaan do to redeem himself after the controversy? Fukra Insaan took on the role of a chief minister for 24 hours in a video, during which he performed various acts of kindness and welfare, such as planting trees and donating sewing machines.

4. How did people react to Fukra Insaan’s transformation? Many people praised Fukra Insaan for his efforts to bring about positive change and lauded him for completing a statement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

5. What message did Fukra Insaan convey in his final tweet? In his final tweet, Fukra Insaan urged his followers to focus on positivity and emphasized the power of positive thinking in creating a better world.

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