Shocking! ‘Runway 34 Done Scam With Carryminati? Fans Are Disappointed Latest Updates

runway 34 scam with carryminati

Carryminati Fastened In The Scam Runway 34 Responsible For Doing This.

Hey, party people! Gather ’round because we’ve got some juicy gossip straight from the YouTube universe. Our man Carryminati, the king of roasts and the ruler of YouTube, recently found himself in a bit of a pickle. No, it’s not about losing money or falling for a phishing scam. It’s about something way more dramatic – a movie role gone wrong!

So, here’s the scoop. Carryminati graced the Thugesh show as a guest, and as you can imagine, things took an unexpected turn. In the midst of banter and laughter, Carry spilled the beans about his cameo in a flick called ‘Ruyway 34’. Now, this ain’t your typical Bollywood drama; it’s a tale of a YouTuber getting scammed in the movie biz.

Picture this: Carry excitedly receives the script, ready to show off his acting chops. The script kicks off with his signature line, “Kaise Hain Aap Log.” Classic Carryminati style, right? Fast forward to the movie premiere, and our man eagerly watches, popcorn in hand, only to realize his big moment is missing in action.

Turns out, his role, which was supposed to bring the house down with laughter, got the snip-snip treatment. Carry, being the good sport he is, laughed it off on Thugesh’s show, explaining how his funny bit clashed with the movie’s suspenseful vibe. He’s like, “Come on, guys, I’m here to tickle your funny bone, not add to the suspense!”

Sure, they showed a glimpse of him, but blink and you might miss it. Talk about a cameo cut short!


Q: Did Carryminati get scammed for real?
A: Nah, not in the traditional sense. It’s more of a cinematic scam – his movie role got chopped.

Q: What was Carry’s role in ‘Ruyway 34’?
A: He played a hilarious character, but sadly, his comedic genius ended up on the cutting room floor.

Q: Did Carry take it well?
A: Absolutely! He laughed it off on Thugesh’s show, proving once again that Carryminati is the king of good vibes.

Q: Will Carryminati try acting again?
A: Knowing him, for sure! One cameo down, but who knows what the future holds for our YouTube sensation-turned-actor?

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