Flying Beast’s Encounter: A Reflection on Racial Profiling in India

Flying Beast
IMAGE CREDIT – taneja.gaurav

In a recent incident that has stirred up a significant amount of debate and reflection, popular YouTuber and aviation enthusiast, Gaurav Taneja, famously known as “Flying Beast,” shared a disconcerting experience during his return journey from Sri Lanka after attending an Asia cricket match. In this article, we will delve into the details of the incident and explore the broader issue of racial profiling that continues to persist in India and other countries long after colonial rule.

The Flight Back Home

Gaurav Taneja and his wife, Ritu Rathee, were on their way back to India after a memorable cricket match in Sri Lanka. As they boarded the flight, they couldn’t help but notice a group of white tourists ahead of them in the queue. However, the most surprising part of their journey occurred at the airport’s security checkpoint. To their astonishment, the officers didn’t check the tickets of the white foreigners ahead of them. This raised immediate concerns for Gaurav and Ritu.

Questioning the Discrepancy Gaurav

When Gaurav and Ritu approached the security checkpoint, the officers requested to see their tickets. This sudden and unusual request left them bewildered. Gaurav questioned the officers, asking why they were checking their tickets but not those of the white tourists.

A Troubling Assumption

This incident raises a grave concern – the assumption that individuals with brown skin, particularly those from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and similar regions, might be treated differently solely based on their appearance. Such an assumption is deeply troubling and unjust.

The Lingering Colonial Mentality

The incident at the airport also serves as a stark reminder of the lingering colonial mentality that continues to affect society. Although the British colonial rule ended in 1947, certain remnants of their mindset seem to persist, causing a rift in our society and creating prejudices against people of different races.


Gaurav Taneja’s encounter at the airport, while returning from Sri Lanka, serves as a stark reminder of the racial profiling that still plagues our society today. It is imperative that we confront and address these issues head-on.


Elvish Yadav and Arjun bijlani
Elvish Yadav

In recent days, the social media sphere has been buzzing with a heated exchange of tweets between two prominent Indian personalities – Elvish Yadav and Arjun Bijlani. What started as a seemingly innocuous comment quickly escalated into a full-blown controversy, leaving their fans and followers divided.

Understanding the Context

To truly grasp the dynamics of this online clash, we must first understand the context. Arjun Bijlani, a well-known television actor, took to Twitter to express his disappointment with some individuals and their fan clubs who, in his opinion, had forgotten how to respect women. His tweet read, “Big boss karke some people and their fan clubs have forgotten how to respect women. Sad!!”

In response, Elvish Yadav, a popular YouTuber known for his witty and often sarcastic humor, tweeted, “Mujhe Ab Pata Laga Tum Woman Ho🥹.” This response, which can be loosely translated as “Now I know you’re a woman🥹,” added fuel to the fire.

The controversy reached its peak when a reporter questioned Arjun Bijlani about Elvish Yadav during a public event. In a rather unexpected turn of events, Arjun Bijlani ignored the question and simply exclaimed, “Ganpati bappa morya.”

Twitterverse Erupts

As soon as the exchange between Arjun Bijlani and Elvish Yadav hit the Twitter sphere, it sparked a frenzy of reactions. Fans and followers of both celebrities took sides, leading to a virtual battleground of opinions and counter-opinions.

The Supporters

Arjun Bijlani’s supporters commended him for addressing the issue of respecting women, applauding his stance on a matter of societal importance. They saw his tweet as a call for change and appreciated his willingness to speak out.

On the other hand, Elvish Yadav’s fans saw his response as a classic example of his signature humor. They argued that his tweet was not meant to be taken seriously and that it was a light-hearted jibe in response to Arjun Bijlani’s statement.

Celebrity Responsibility

Celebrities, whether from the entertainment industry or the digital realm, should be aware of the impact they can have on their fans and society as a whole. They must exercise their influence responsibly and use their platforms for the betterment of society.


The Twitter spat between Elvish Yadav and Arjun Bijlani has shed light on the power and responsibility that come with being a public figure in the digital age. While it may have started as a clash of words, it has evolved into a conversation about the importance of respectful discourse and responsible social media usage.

Remember, social media is a powerful tool, and with great power comes great responsibility. As fans, followers, and observers, it is our collective duty to encourage positive and meaningful conversations in the digital world.

The UK 07 Rider’s Dilemma: To FIR or Not to FIR?

IMAGE CREDIT – anurag_dobhal

The famous YouTuber UK 07 Rider recently found himself in a situation that raised questions about how to handle fans’ actions that cross the line between admiration and intrusion.

The Instagram Story That Started It All OF UK07

It all began on a regular day when UK 07 Rider, known for his thrilling adventures and love for his beloved Supra car, shared an Instagram story. In this story, he revealed a rather unsettling incident. Some eager fans had approached him while he was with his car, and their actions left him perplexed and frustrated.

Fans Scratching the Supra

To his shock, the fans started scratching his precious Supra car. It was a painful sight for any car enthusiast to witness their prized possession being subjected to such vandalism. But what followed was even more surprising.

Fans Taking Photos Inside the Car of anurag dobal

Not content with just scratching the car, the fans decided to take things further by opening the car and taking photos inside. This was a breach of privacy that left UK 07 Rider understandably angry and violated.

The Initial Reaction: Threatening an FIR

In the heat of the moment, UK 07 Rider took to social media to express his outrage. He threatened to file a First Information Report (FIR) against those responsible for the vandalism and invasion of his privacy. It seemed like a logical step to protect his rights and send a strong message to his fans about respecting boundaries.

A Change of Heart of uk07 rider

However, in a recent vlog, UK 07 Rider surprised his followers by announcing a change of heart regarding the FIR. He admitted that he possessed all the necessary evidence to pursue legal action, thanks to his camera recordings. But he chose not to go through with it.

The Reasons Behind the Change

UK 07 Rider explained his decision in a candid and sincere manner. He acknowledged that filing an FIR could potentially ruin the lives of those fans who had crossed the line. Legal consequences could lead to difficulties in their future, affecting their education, career prospects, and personal lives.

The Power of Forgiveness

Instead of vengeance, UK 07 Rider decided to extend an olive branch. He offered a last warning to the fans who had harmed him emotionally and physically. His message was clear: “This thing really hurts, and no one gave me these things; I have earned them through hard work.”

The Dilemma of Fame

UK 07 Rider’s dilemma highlights the challenges faced by social media influencers and celebrities. While they enjoy the perks of fame and the adoration of fans, they also grapple with issues like privacy invasion and the consequences of their actions.

In the end, it’s a reminder that even in a digital age where evidence can easily be shared and actions have consequences, forgiveness and understanding can be powerful tools for resolution.


In a world where public figures often face dilemmas like the one UK 07 Rider encountered, it’s essential to consider the human aspect behind the fame. While legal action can be a valid response to wrongdoing, sometimes a compassionate approach can lead to more meaningful change and personal growth.


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