Sourav Joshi’s grandparents are harassed by the neighbours ? Shared An Amazing Incident.

Sourav Joshi's granny harrased by neighbors

‘Sourav Joshi’s Grandma Shared An Incident Of Her Village About The Neighbors Taunt.

Renowned YouTuber Sourav Joshi recently treated his audience to a heartening incident that unfolded during a drive with his dear grandmother. In a video shared on his channel, Sourav narrated a delightful story that transcends generations and brings a smile to the faces of many.

As the wheels of the car rolled along, Sourav’s aged granny began sharing a charming tale from her village. In a quaint twist, she revealed, “You know what the neighbors told me about you? They asked, ‘Why doesn’t your grandson buy you a smartphone? He earns so much, and you still don’t have one.'”

Sourav, amused by the unexpected revelation, responded with a gleam in his eye, “Did they really say that? We haven’t given Granny a smartphone because she doesn’t know how to operate one. But don’t worry, we’ll get you one soon. It doesn’t matter what others say; let’s focus on the positive. Now, let me take you to a place where you’ll feel truly good.”

In a world often clouded by negativity, Sourav Joshi’s response reflects a heartwarming perspective on family bonds and the significance of disregarding unwarranted comments. The incident not only showcases the simplicity of familial moments but also emphasizes the importance of cherishing the elderly in our lives.


Q1: Why hasn’t Granny been given a smartphone?

A1: Granny hasn’t been given a smartphone because she isn’t familiar with operating one. However, Sourav Joshi has assured his audience that one will be provided soon.

Q2: How did Sourav Joshi respond to the neighbors’ comments?

A2: Sourav responded positively, emphasizing that the focus should be on the positive aspects and not letting negative comments affect the family’s decisions.

Q3: Where did Sourav Joshi take his granny to make her feel good?

A3: The specific location Sourav Joshi took his granny to was not disclosed in the shared incident.