Techno Ruhez vs Sahil Karoul Controversy ! Dubai Cargo Export Scam !

Techno Ruhez vs Sahil karoul Xiaomi 14 Pro Controversy !

Techno Ruhez just done a Scam❌ with Sahil Karoul ! What Happened Next Will shock You ! 👉 Click Here to Read More !

In a recent twist in the world of Indian tech YouTubers, Sahil Karoul, known for helping Indian YouTubers import smartphones from foreign countries, made a surprising allegation against popular tech YouTuber Techno Ruhez. Sahil claimed that he had shipped a phone from Dubai to India and handed it over to Techno Ruhez’s cousin, who works in a cargo service.

According to Sahil, instead of directly sending the phone to the customer, Techno Ruhez’s cousin first gave it to Techno Ruhez so he could make a video before packing and couriering it. Sahil called this move cheating, stirring up a bit of controversy in the tech community.

In response to the allegation, Techno Ruhez took to his YouTube channel, saying, “Waise mai Jawab nahi dena chah raha tha par khair Mujhpe jo Ilzaam lagaya gaya tha ke maine Phone Chori kiya tha kisi So Called Tech YouTuber ka, toh un logo ke mu par bada tamacha jinhone uski baat pe yaqeen kiya.”

Techno Ruhez defended himself by showcasing the Redmi K70E, a phone he claimed to have received directly from China, similar to how he got the Xiaomi 14 Pro. He attached a photo of the Redmi K70 for proof and called out those who doubted him, stating, “Ab kaha gaye woh log jo mera mazaak bana rahe the ke maine phone chori kiya.”

The saga continued as Sahil Karoul responded, poking fun at those who consider themselves honest YouTubers, saying, “Kuch apne aap ko bade n honest youtuber samjhne wale jo dusro ko chunnu munnu samjhte hai 23500 ka phone mangwa ke show karte hai ki hum sache hai, 1 mahine se jawab diya nhi q ki jawaab tha nahi 😂😂😂 Or sabko Pata Hai publicity Ke liye kya kya kiya hai or kitni chindi harkate ki ha.”

In the world of YouTube drama, these tech enthusiasts are adding a new layer to their content. Let’s see how this unfolds in the coming days!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What did Sahil Karoul allege against Techno Ruhez?
    Sahil claimed that Techno Ruhez cheated by making a video of a phone Sahil sent to India before actually couriering it.
  2. How did Techno Ruhez respond to the allegation?
    Techno Ruhez defended himself by showcasing the Redmi K70E and called out those who doubted him, sharing that he has never faced such accusations in his 8 years on YouTube.
  3. What evidence did Techno Ruhez provide to support his side of the story?
    Techno Ruhez attached a photo of the Redmi K70, a phone he claimed to have received directly from China, to prove the legitimacy of his actions.
  4. What was Sahil Karoul’s response to Techno Ruhez’s video?
    Sahil mocked those who consider themselves honest YouTubers and accused them of publicity stunts, highlighting the delayed response from Techno Ruhez.
  5. How is the tech community reacting to this controversy?
    The tech community is buzzing with discussions and speculations about the feud between Sahil Karoul and Techno Ruhez, adding a dramatic twist to the usually tech-focused content on YouTube.

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