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fukra insaan trolling uk07 rider

UK07 is afraid to take a stand for himself. He just Insulting the YouTube community, Buying a new car is really different than playing In Big Boss

Hey folks, gather ’round for some spicy updates from the world of entertainment! So, guess what? The infamous Fukra Insaan is back at it again, and this time, his target is none other than the beloved UK07 rider, aka Babu Bhaiya. Why, you ask? Well, it seems like our man Babu Bhaiya is currently trying to navigate the drama-filled waters of the Big Boss house, and let’s just say, his performance is not exactly winning any awards.

According to the grapevine, Fukra didn’t hold back and declared, “After OTT, every YouTuber is dreaming of that Big Boss spot, but watching UK07 in action, I’m not sure anyone else is gonna be crazy enough to take the plunge.” Ouch, shots fired!

Curiosity piqued, I took a stroll through the musical wonderland of YouTube to find the song “Sari umar mai Joker.” Lo and behold, the comment section was a battlefield, with UK07 riders taking a beating and being labeled as Jokers left and right. Yikes!

Fukra, in all his wisdom, dropped some serious advice bombs for anyone eyeing that Big Boss chair. He pleaded, “Dear future Big Boss contenders, if you ever get the chance, do me a solid. Please pass on the message to UK07 – play the game solo. Don’t be a scaredy-cat. If someone tries to diss you, hit ’em back then and there. No waiting, no second-guessing. Build your own vibe, take a stand, and don’t live life like a joker!”

He further emphasized, “Buying a swanky new car for your vlog is one thing, but playing the Big Boss game is a whole different ball game.” Wise words, Fukra, wise words.

Now, for those burning questions you’ve got:

Q: Why is Fukra Insaan targeting UK07? A: Big Boss drama, my friend! Apparently, Babu Bhaiya’s performance is not living up to the hype.

Q: What’s the deal with the “Joker” comments on the song? A: Seems like UK07 riders are getting trolled hard in the comment section of “Sari umar mai Joker.” Ouch!

Q: What’s Fukra’s advice for future Big Boss contenders? A: Play solo, don’t be scared, and take a stand for yourself. No joker vibes allowed!

That’s the lowdown, folks! Stay tuned for more updates from the wild world of entertainment.

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