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Ashish Chanchlani 15M followers

Ashish Chanchlani Completed 15M Followers On Instagram And He Trolled Haters On ‘Overrated’ Statment

Hey peeps! Guess what’s cooking in the world of social media? Our very own YouTube sensation, Ashish Chanchlani, just hit a whopping 15 million followers on Instagram! Can we get a virtual high-five for this internet rockstar?

So, here’s the scoop: Ashish, the dude who’s been tickling our funny bones since 2014, recently dropped a bomb on his Insta story. He was like, “Hey guys, rewind to 2014 – I kicked off this crazy journey with a mere 10,000 followers. Fast forward to now, and bam! We’re a family of 1.5 crore Insta followers. Unreal, right?”

But wait, there’s always that one party pooper. Some folks decided to rain on Ashish’s parade, calling him an “overrated YouTuber.” I mean, seriously? The guy has been busting his chops for almost a decade, spreading joy and laughter, and all you can say is “overrated”?

Ashish, being the cool cat he is, fired back with a classic, “Kya mai kuch jyada hi overrated nahi ho gaya, guys?” (Translation: Am I not a tad bit too overrated, guys?) Classic Ashish – turning trolls into a comedy roast.

And there you have it, the tale of Ashish Chanchlani, the maestro of laughter, hitting the big 1-5 on Instagram. Here’s to more LOLs, more followers, and shutting down those haters like a boss!


Q: How did Ashish react to hitting 15 million followers? A: Ashish responded with his trademark humor, questioning if he’s a bit too overrated.

Q: When did Ashish start his social media journey? A: Ashish kicked off his wild ride in 2014 with a humble 10,000 followers.

Q: How many followers does Ashish Chanchlani have on Instagram now? A: The man has a massive 1.5 crore followers on Instagram. That’s Insta-fame for you!

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