A Musician And YouTuber ‘The Siege’, Crazy Challenge Started For 24*7 Live Stream!

The Siege crazy challenge of 24*7 youtube live stream

‘The Siege’ Crazy Challenge Made Everyone Shocked, He Will Do 24*7 Live Stream Till 10 Lakh

In a jaw-dropping move that has left fans both excited and intrigued, The Siege, renowned Youtuber and musician, has thrown down the gauntlet with a challenge that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Brace yourselves, folks, because he has announced a mind-boggling 24/7 live streaming marathon on YouTube!

In a recent statement, The Siege revealed his diverse work experiences, ranging from video editing to subtitle writing and even waiting tables. With a current bank balance of INR 88,000, he’s set the stage for an epic journey. The challenge is crystal clear: he will keep the live stream rolling until his account balance hits either a whopping 10 lakh or dwindles down to zero.

What’s truly unique about this venture is The Siege’s determination to rely solely on his musical talents for financial sustenance during the marathon. No audience donations allowed! Instead, he urges fans to support him by streaming his tunes on Spotify, ensuring that he earns his keep and continues the endless broadcast.

As the anticipation builds, one can’t help but wonder how this audacious challenge will unfold. Will The Siege’s balance skyrocket to unprecedented heights, or will it plummet to zero, bringing the marathon to an unexpected halt? Only time will tell, and fans are undoubtedly in for a wild ride!


Q: Is The Siege really going to stream 24/7?
A: Yes, The Siege has announced an ambitious 24/7 live streaming challenge on YouTube.

Q: How will he sustain himself financially?
A: The Siege plans to rely solely on the revenue generated from his music on platforms like Spotify, without accepting any audience donations.

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