Elvish Yadav Bold Reply To Ram Mandir Haters, Baap Ko Thodi Khaya Hai?

Elvish yadav bold reply to ram mandir haters

Elvish Yadav Shared His Bold Opinion On Those People Spreading Hate On Ram Mandir Went Viral

In a recent turn of events, popular YouTuber and daily vlogger, Elvish Yadav, decided to shed light on the sentiments surrounding the Ram Mandir inauguration. Yadav, known for his candid opinions, expressed his thoughts without intending to fuel any controversy.

Addressing the issue, he remarked, “I don’t want to create controversy, but I feel it’s important to share my perspective on the Ram Mandir inauguration. Many Hindu people are not entirely pleased with the construction of the elaborate temple. They argue that allocating such a substantial amount of money towards building a grand temple could be better spent on essential facilities like hospitals, schools, and universities, which would contribute more significantly to society.”

Yadav believes that some individuals are intertwining Lord Ram’s image with political affiliations, leading to unfavorable opinions about the religious monument. He expressed, “People are associating Lord Ram with specific political parties and subsequently making negative remarks about the deity. Lord Ram is for everyone, and due to these political connections, a considerable number of individuals are dissatisfied.”

Elvish Yadav went on to question the ideological stance of those criticizing the construction of the Ram Mandir, suggesting that their narrow-minded views could impact their success in politics. He emphasized that in a Hindu-majority country like India, leaders cannot be easily replaced, and such sentiments may not resonate with the majority of the population.

Concluding his thoughts on the matter, Yadav remarked, “The upcoming generation may not find relevance in these issues. Our country, in this generation alone, has a Hindu majority, and the leaders chosen by the people will not be easily substituted.”


Q: What is Elvish Yadav’s opinion on the Ram Mandir inauguration?
A: Elvish Yadav believes that while the Ram Mandir inauguration has sparked controversy, many Hindu people are unhappy with the allocation of funds, suggesting that the money could be better spent on essential societal needs.

Q: Why does Elvish Yadav think people are criticizing the construction of the Ram Mandir?
A: According to Yadav, some individuals are associating Lord Ram with specific political parties, leading to negative sentiments about the construction of the temple. He questions the ideology behind these criticisms.

Q: What does Elvish Yadav say about the impact of such criticisms on politics?
A: Elvish Yadav suggests that those criticizing the Ram Mandir may face challenges in politics due to their narrow-minded views. He emphasizes that in a Hindu-majority country, leaders chosen by the people are not easily replaceable.

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