Abhi And Niyu Trolled For Body-Shaming, QNA Gone Wrong

abhi and niyu angry on body shaming

Abhi And Niyu Faced Body-Shaming Questions In The Latest QNA Video, Bold Reply To Haters

In the ever-evolving realm of social media, where influencers navigate the digital landscape, the journey isn’t always a bed of roses. Recently, the popular YouTube power couple, Abhi and Niyu, found themselves in the spotlight for a rather unpleasant encounter during Niyu’s Q&A session on her official Instagram.

Amidst the array of questions and positive vibes, a faceless individual took the low road, hurling a distasteful comment at Niyu, suggesting she was not only aesthetically unpleasing but also harbored an inner ugliness. However, rather than letting the negativity linger, Niyu chose to address the comment head-on with a graceful response.

“This is a faceless troll,” she declared, refusing to let the comment undermine her self-worth. In a candid moment of vulnerability, She shared, “I think if I’m too ugly for you, my friend, then perhaps I’m doing something right. People who resort to making personal remarks about appearances are often grappling with their own unhappiness.”

She went on to express that reaching a point of self-acceptance had been a journey marked by hard work and personal growth. Niyu used the unfortunate incident to shed light on a broader issue — the tendency of some individuals to judge others based on superficial attributes, such as appearance or skin color, and how it reflects their own internal struggles.

With a touch of candor, Niyu debunked the negativity, emphasizing that such comments were nothing more than ‘bullshit.’ Her intention in addressing the unsavory remark was not just personal; it was a larger statement against the multitude of virtual ‘cockroaches’ that scuttle through the internet.

In her closing words, She made it clear that the comment, though hurtful, wouldn’t cast a shadow on her self-esteem. “I don’t think I am ugly,” she asserted, subtly challenging the toxic norms perpetuated by online trolls. Her resilience, a testament to the strength that comes from self-love, serves as a reminder that, in the vast expanse of the internet, kindness and positivity can triumph over baseless negativity.


Q: How did Niyu respond to the negative comment?
A: Niyu responded with grace and resilience, dismissing the comment as the work of a faceless troll. She emphasized that personal remarks on appearance are often reflections of the commenter’s own unhappiness.

Q: What message did Niyu want to convey through her response?
A: Niyu aimed to highlight the issue of judging individuals based on superficial attributes and urged her audience to rise above such negativity. She emphasized that personal growth and self-acceptance are crucial in navigating the online world.

Q: How did Niyu characterize the negative comment?
A: Niyu bluntly referred to the comment as ‘bullshit,’ showcasing her refusal to let such negativity affect her. She also likened internet trolls to ‘cockroaches,’ symbolizing the prevalence of such negativity in the online space.

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