Abhi And Niyu Exposed Dr. Vivek Bindra Case, Fake Billionaire Exposed!

Abhi and Niyu exposed Dr. Vivek Bindra

Abhi And Niyu Exposed Fake Billionaire Statements Of Dr. Vivek Bindra And MLM Business As Well.

In the buzzing world of YouTube, the air is thick with the latest controversy surrounding renowned motivational speakers Sandeep Maheshwari and Dr. Vivek Bindra. The plot thickened when famous YouTuber duo Abhi and Niyu decided to delve into the matter and share their perspective through a thought-provoking video.

Abhi, in the video, raised eyebrows as he levied allegations against Dr. Vivek Bindra, prompting a series of questions that stirred the online community. The crux of the matter revolved around Dr. Bindra’s claim that Indian billionaires graced their sessions to impart wisdom to enrolled students.

Abhi, armed with a Google search, questioned the authenticity of this statement. With only 169 Indian billionaires, including heavyweights like Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, and Birla, Abhi challenged Dr. Bindra to reveal the name of one billionaire who had indeed participated in his educational endeavors.

The intrigue deepened when Abhi probed into the nature of Dr. Bindra’s business model. Dr. Bindra had vehemently denied any connection to a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. However, Abhi, during the interview, pointed out apparent contradictions. Dr. Bindra asserted that there were no levels in his business, only to later mention a hierarchy consisting of affiliate bosses, trainers, managers, sales heads, regional heads, and a central head office.

Abhi, quick-witted and unyielding, posed a question that hung in the air: Were these not different levels characteristic of an MLM scheme? The video left viewers pondering the answers to these intriguing questions.


Q: What prompted Abhi and Niyu to create a video on Sandeep Maheshwari and Dr. Vivek Bindra?
A: The duo felt compelled to address the ongoing controversy surrounding the two prominent motivational speakers.

Q: What were Abhi’s key allegations against Dr. Vivek Bindra?
A: Abhi raised questions about the presence of Indian billionaires in Dr. Bindra’s sessions and probed the nature of his business model.

Q: Did Dr. Bindra provide satisfactory answers to Abhi’s questions in the video?
A: The video ends with viewers left in suspense, eagerly awaiting the resolution of the raised questions.

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