[Live] Amit Bhadana Got Death❌ Threats ! SSC Webs Series Controversy !

Amit Bhadana Death Threat Controversy

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Recently, something kinda scary happened in Amit Bhadana’s world. You know, the funny guy we all love on the internet. So, he posted this video thingy on Instagram, you know, those short ones – Reels. And guess what? In the background, there’s this serious newsy voice talking about Amit getting death threats. Yup, you heard it right, death threats!

AAJTAK 2 YOUTUBER AMIT BHADANA को मिली जान से मारने की धमकी कॉल कर कहा. AT 2 VIDEO 0 22 screenshot [Live] Amit Bhadana Got Death❌ Threats ! SSC Webs Series Controversy !
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Now, before you freak out, let me tell you, this isn’t like breaking news or something. It actually happened back in August 2023. That’s a bit ago. So, here’s the scoop: someone called Amit up, all mad and stuff, and said he knows where Amit lives and that he’s gonna do some really bad things. Not cool, right?

But, don’t worry, Amit Bhadana’s got his peeps looking out for him. His brother, being the superhero, went straight to the police and filed a complaint against that mean caller. You gotta love family, right?

Now, let’s jump into some FAQs because, you know, we all have questions:

1. Did Amit Bhadana really get death threats?
Yeah, he did. It happened in August 2023, and it was pretty scary for a while.

2. Who made the threat call to Amit Bhadana?
Well, we don’t know the person’s name, but he called Amit up and made some really bad threats. Not cool at all.

3. What did Amit Bhadana do about it?
His brother stepped in like a boss and filed a complaint with the police. Family to the rescue!

4. Is Amit Bhadana okay now?
Seems like it. He’s back to making us laugh, so that’s a good sign.

5. Any updates on the police complaint?
Not sure about that one. But let’s hope the police sort it out real soon.

So, there you have it, folks. Amit Bhadana faced a tough situation, but he’s got his people watching his back. Keep spreading the laughs, Amit!

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