Ashish Chanchlani Replied On Bad Comments On His Fans, Haters Feeling Shameful!

Ashish Chanchlani body transformation

Ashish Chanchlani Shared His Fitness Update And Replied To Haters For Bodyshaming On Him

In a recent social media post, renowned YouTuber and comedian Ashish Chanchlani opened up about his weight loss journey, sharing a candid video clip that has since gone viral. The popular entertainer expressed his thoughts on the perception of beauty and body image.

In the video, Chanchlani humorously addressed the comments he has received about his appearance, particularly during his days as a “fatty guy.” He questioned why people now claim he looked good back then, wondering why such compliments didn’t come when he needed them the most.

The comedian reminisced about the times when he faced body-shaming remarks, recalling instances where people labeled him as a “bull” and made hurtful comments. Chanchlani emphasized that he is just a regular person and not a balloon that can inflate or deflate at a moment’s notice.

His lighthearted take on the matter highlights the societal pressures and changing perceptions individuals experience regarding body image. Chanchlani’s transparency about his personal journey adds a relatable touch to the conversation, resonating with many who may have faced similar struggles.

As the video continues to make waves online, it sparks conversations about self-love, acceptance, and the importance of embracing one’s body at every stage. Ashish Chanchlani’s candidness serves as a reminder that beauty is subjective, and it’s essential to celebrate and appreciate oneself, regardless of external opinions.


Q1: What inspired Ashish Chanchlani to share his weight loss journey?

A: Ashish Chanchlani shared his weight loss journey in a candid video to address comments and perceptions about his appearance, shedding light on societal pressures and changing beauty standards.

Q2: How did Ashish Chanchlani respond to past body-shaming comments?

A: Chanchlani humorously reflected on past body-shaming comments, questioning why people now claim he looked good as a “fatty guy” and emphasizing that he is a normal person, not a balloon that can easily change shape.

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