Ashneer Grover Trolled Ranveer Allahbadia For Zomato CEO Podcast Nonsense?

ashneer grover trolled ranveer allahbadia for non sense question in pocast

Ashneer Grover Shared His Opinion On Ranveer Allabhabadia Podcast With Zomato CEO

In the world of podcasts, unexpected and amusing moments can often steal the spotlight, making the audience burst into laughter. Recently, famous YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia found himself at the center of such hilarity during a podcast with Zomato CEO, Deepinder Goyal.

The podcast, which started on a serious note discussing the dynamics of the food delivery industry, took an unexpected turn when Ranveer began throwing lighthearted and humorous questions at CEO Deepinder Goyal. The questions, far from the usual serious tone of such interviews, led to an exchange of laughter between the two.

However, the real comedy ensued when a random person, going by the name ‘Gabar,’ decided to join the conversation. Gabar’s comment, “He thinks Zomato makes biryani,” added an extra layer of amusement to the already jovial atmosphere.

To everyone’s surprise, Ashneer Grover, co-founder of BharatPe, couldn’t resist joining the banter. He responded to Gabar’s comment with a witty remark, “Imagine you being invited for the podcast – ‘Gabbar – aap ko nahi lagta you are being an abusive employer to Samba and Kaliya?'”

The unexpected exchange of humor not only brought a lighter touch to the podcast but also left the audience in splits. It goes to show that even in the most serious discussions, a dash of laughter can make the entire experience memorable.


Q1: Are the funny moments scripted, or did they happen spontaneously?

A1: The funny moments during the podcast were entirely spontaneous. Ranveer Allahbadia’s lighthearted questions and the subsequent banter were not planned, making the episode even more entertaining.

Q2: How did Zomato CEO, Deepinder Goyal, react to the humorous questions?

A2: Deepinder Goyal embraced the humor and engaged in the light-hearted banter with Ranveer Allahbadia, showcasing a more candid and humorous side to his personality.

Q3: Did the unexpected comments from ‘Gabar’ and Ashneer Grover affect the overall tone of the podcast?

A3: Far from negatively impacting the podcast, ‘Gabar’s comment and Ashneer Grover’s response added an extra layer of amusement, making the episode more memorable for the audience.

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