Rachitroo Got Scammed By The Lenskart Fashion Wear, Lakhs Of Payment Get Blocked?

rachitroo scammed by lenskart

Rachitroo Got Scammed By The Fashion Brand Lenskart For Holding His Payment For No Reason

In an unexpected turn of events, popular YouTuber Rachitroo found himself entangled in a payment dispute with India’s leading eyewear brand, Lenskart. Taking to Twitter, Rachitroo poured out his frustration, revealing a shocking tale of unfulfilled promises and unresponsive staff.

“I have never tweeted about any brand like this before, but I got ghosted by @Lenskart_com,” Rachitroo’s tweet began. It seems that Lenskart had failed to honor their commitment to pay him for the brand integration work he had diligently undertaken for them. What was initially slated to be a swift payment within three days turned into a prolonged wait, stretching over three months.

The YouTuber recounted the timeline of delays, from a week to a month, until communication from Lenskart ceased altogether. In the midst of managing multiple projects, Rachitroo nearly forgot about the pending payment. When he finally reached out to his point of contact (POC) at Lenskart, he was assured that the payment would be processed within a week, accompanied by a request not to voice his grievances on social media.

Expressing concern not only about the money but also about how content creators are treated, Rachitroo appealed to Lenskart to fulfill their end of the agreement or at least provide a definitive date for the payment. Frustrated after repeated assurances, he received a mail from his POC, but the promised payment never materialized.

In an attempt to avoid any misunderstanding, Rachitroo clarified that his tweet wasn’t a reflection on Lenskart as a brand but rather on the specific staff members who were responsible for his case. He expressed hope that people wouldn’t hold a grudge against Lenskart and its products.

To add a touch of optimism, Rachitroo assured his followers that he would provide updates on the situation once he received his payment. The YouTuber’s predicament raises questions about the treatment of content creators and the reliability of professional agreements in the digital influencer landscape.


Q: Is Rachitroo boycotting Lenskart?
A: No, Rachitroo clarified that his tweet was directed at the Lenskart staff responsible for his payment delay, not the brand itself. He continues to express his love for Lenskart and its products.

Q: Why did Rachitroo choose to share his experience on Twitter?
A: Frustrated with the lack of response and delayed payments, Rachitroo took to Twitter to bring attention to his situation and seek resolution.

Q: Will Rachit update his followers when he receives the payment?
A: Yes, Rachit assured his followers that he would provide updates on the payment situation as soon as it is resolved.

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