Munawar Faruqi Ex-Girlfriend Entry in Bigboss 17 ! Huge Drama !

Ayesha Khan in bIgboss 17 Munawar Faruqi ex Girlfriend

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Recently, something really interesting went down in the Big Boss house that left everyone surprised. Munawar Faruqi, a contestant on the show, got a big shock when his ex-girlfriend, Ayesha Khan, made a surprise entry as a wildcard contestant.

Ayesha Khan didn’t hold back and spilled the beans on her past with Munawar. She revealed that before Munawar joined Big Boss, he promised to marry her. However, things took a turn, and he ended up breaking her trust. Ayesha boldly declared on national television that she wanted a heartfelt apology from Munawar.

But the drama didn’t stop there. In the weekend episode with Salman Khan, things took a hilarious turn. Salman, known for his wit, trolled both Munawar Faruqi and UK07 Rider. He compared them to two sides of the same coin, pointing out that despite their fame, they always seem to be stuck in the past.

It was a moment of laughter and realization for everyone watching. Salman’s words echoed the sentiment that sometimes, we all need to move on and embrace the present instead of dwelling on the past.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why did Ayesha Khan enter Big Boss as a wildcard?
Ayesha Khan entered Big Boss as a wildcard contestant to confront her ex-boyfriend, Munawar Faruqi, about their past and demand an apology.

2. What did Ayesha Khan reveal about her relationship with Munawar Faruqi?
Ayesha Khan shared that Munawar had promised to marry her before joining Big Boss but ended up breaking her trust.

3. What happened in the weekend episode with Salman Khan?
Salman Khan playfully trolled both Munawar Faruqi and UK07 Rider, comparing them to two sides of the same coin and highlighting how they often talk about their past despite their fame.

4. Did Munawar Faruqi apologize to Ayesha Khan on the show?
The article does not provide information about whether he apologized to Ayesha Khan on the show.

5. Why did Salman Khan’s comments create laughter among the audience?
Salman Khan’s witty comments about Munawar Faruqi and UK07 Rider being two sides of the same coin created laughter as it humorously pointed out their tendency to dwell on the past despite their fame.

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