📢Bebika Dhruve didn’t Like India❌ ! Dubai Music Video Shoot Controversy !

Bebika Dhruve Music Video Shoot Controversy !

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Hey everyone! So, there have been some talks going around about Bebika, you know, the awesome ex-Big Boss contestant. People were saying she doesn’t like India because she went to Dubai for her shoot. Well, let’s clear the air on that.

She heard about these rumors, and she didn’t waste any time setting things straight. She said, “Hold on, hold on! I just saw some clips where people are getting me all wrong. I never said India doesn’t have cool places. What I meant was, I want to do something different. That’s why I chose Dubai for my shoot.”

Now, here’s the interesting part. Bebika is a proud Indian citizen, and she wants everyone to know that. She said, “Being Indian is a big deal for me. Whether it’s acting, singing, dentistry, astrology, you name it – I represent India everywhere I go. And guess what? People everywhere love my India! It’s so heartwarming.”

So, there you have it! Bebika loves her country and is just exploring new horizons. Now, let’s dive into some questions people might have had about this whole situation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Did Bebika say she doesn’t like India?
No way! Bebika loves India. She just wanted to try something different for her shoot.

2. Why did Bebika choose Dubai for her shoot?
Bebika wanted to do something unique, and Dubai seemed like the perfect place for a different vibe.

3. Is Bebika proud of being Indian?
Absolutely! Bebika is super proud of being an Indian citizen. She represents India in everything she does.

4. What does Bebika think about the rumors?
Bebika clarified that people misunderstood her. She never said anything against India; she just wanted a change.

5. How does Bebika feel about the love for India worldwide?
Bebika is overwhelmed! Everywhere she goes, people praise India, and it makes her feel proud to represent her country on the world stage.

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