[Latest] Bhuvan Bam Reaction on Ashish Chanchlani Fitness💪Transformation!

Bhuvan Bam on Ashish Chanchlani Transformation Fitness Journey

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Hey buddies! Guess what happened in the world of cool YouTubers recently? Ashish Chanchlani, our favorite funny guy, shared a super fit photo of himself. 📸 And you won’t believe what his buddy, Bhuvan Bam, had to say!

Bhuvan bam22 commented, “Mann kar raha hai tere collar bone mein soup daalke pi jaaun…” 😂 Translation: “I feel like pouring soup into your collarbone and drinking it…”

And you know what Ashish replied? He said, “@bhuvan.bam22 aur aapki jawline se mere birthday ka cake kaatenge.” 🎂 Translation: “And I’ll cut my birthday cake with your jawline.”

Now, isn’t that hilarious? These YouTubers sure know how to crack each other up! 😄

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What did Bhuvan Bam comment on Ashish Chanchlani’s photo?
    Bhuvan Bam commented, “Mann kar raha hai tere collar bone mein soup daalke pi jaaun…” which means he wanted to drink soup from Ashish’s collarbone.
  2. How did Ashish Chanchlani respond to Bhuvan Bam’s comment?
    Ashish Chanchlani replied, “@bhuvan.bam22 aur aapki jawline se mere birthday ka cake kaatenge,” indicating a funny comeback about cutting a birthday cake with Bhuvan’s jawline.
  3. What was the photo that Ashish Chanchlani shared?
    Ashish Chanchlani shared a fit photo of himself, showcasing his cool vibes.
  4. Why do Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani often interact on social media?
    They are good friends and fellow YouTubers who enjoy joking around and sharing light-hearted banter on social media.
  5. Do Ashish Chanchlani and Bhuvan Bam collaborate on YouTube?
    Yes, they have collaborated on various occasions, creating entertaining content for their fans.

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