Carryminati New Video Update: New Roast Video Date Fix!

Carryminati New Video Update

Carryminati Shared A New Update For His New Video, Many Fans Get Happy

In the bustling world of YouTube, where creativity meets entertainment, CarryMinati, the renowned content creator, recently took to Twitter to share an intriguing update about his upcoming video.

In a tweet that sparked curiosity among his fans, CarryMinati revealed, “VIDEO UPDATE: 1 mahine se sketch likh raha hoon, sab badhiya jaa raha tha but phir 2 major cheesein realise hui (will tell you guys after release) toh uski vajah se rewrite karna pad raha hai jisme time lagega isiliye abhi ek roast video bana raha hoon, kisi pe kuch topic ho toh batana, baaki sath bane rehna ke liye gilli chummi.”

Translated, he has been diligently working on sketches for the past month, and everything was going smoothly until he realized two significant aspects that compelled him to rewrite the content. The process is time-consuming, prompting him to switch gears temporarily by creating a roast video. He also reached out to his audience for suggestions, emphasizing the need for collaboration to keep the creative spark alive.

As CarryMinati navigates the twists and turns of his creative rollercoaster, fans eagerly anticipate the unveiling of his latest project. Here’s to more laughter, sketches, and unexpected revelations in the world of CarryMinati’s content creation!


Q1: When can we expect CarryMinati’s new video to be released? A: CarryMinati hasn’t specified a release date yet, but stay tuned to his social media channels for updates.

Q2: What were the two major realizations that prompted the rewrite? A: CarryMinati has teased the details and plans to share them after the release of the video.

Q3: Can fans suggest topics for CarryMinati’s roast video? A: Absolutely! CarryMinati has invited his audience to share their ideas for potential topics, fostering a collaborative creative process.

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