Elvish Yadav Is Very Angry On His Fans, Crossing His Limits On The Road!

Elvish Yadav Angry On His Fans not following traffic rules

Elvish Yadav’s Bold Statment To His Fans, For Not Following The Traffic Rules

In his latest vlog, the renowned YouTuber and daily vlogger, Elvish Yadav, opened up about a rather peculiar incident involving an enthusiastic fan. As Elvish was on the road, he noticed a person persistently chasing him. Unfazed by the situation, Elvish addressed his audience, saying, “Guys, see this uncle is also our fan. Okay, okay, now we’ve met, let’s go to your home directly, uncle.”

However, this wasn’t a one-time occurrence. Elvish revealed that he had encountered this particular fan 2-3 times before, and the individual seemed determined to keep up with him. Concerned about both the fan’s safety and the well-being of his own car, Elvish expressed his apprehension, “He is not following any rule; he will harm himself as well as my car. They are really crossing their limits.”

Despite Elvish’s explicit requests in the past, urging fans not to engage in such risky behavior, it seems some are still taking it too far. The popular content creator emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries and adhering to traffic rules to ensure everyone’s safety.


Q: Why was Elvish Yadav being chased by a fan? A: Elvish shared in his latest vlog that he was being pursued by a persistent fan while he was traveling by road.

Q: How did Elvish react to the situation? A: Elvish took a light-hearted approach, acknowledging the fan and suggesting they go directly to the fan’s home. However, he expressed concern about the fan not following traffic rules and potentially causing harm.

Q: Has Elvish encountered this fan before? A: Yes, Elvish mentioned that he had met this particular fan 2-3 times previously, and the fan continued to chase him on the road.

Q: What message did Elvish convey to his fans regarding such incidents? A: Elvish emphasized the importance of respecting boundaries, following traffic rules, and not engaging in behavior that could jeopardize anyone’s safety, including the fan and himself.

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