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Dj Mrinal vs Carryminati new video

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Hey there, awesome readers! Today, we’ve got a scoop on the internet . Our man DJ Mrinal recently dropped a video that’s stirring up some online chatter.

In this video, DJ Mrinal plays a clip of CarryMinati, and guess what? Someone in the crowd suggested that Carry should roast DJ Mrinal. Now, here’s the twist – CarryMinati, the roast king himself, throws a curveball by asking, “Who is DJ Mrinal?”

Hold your giggles, because DJ Mrinal, with a grin on his face, fires back saying, “Look, Carry is scared of me; that’s why he’s not roasting me.”

Isn’t that a spicy bit of internet drama? DJ Mrinal certainly knows how to keep things interesting. Now, let’s dive into some FAQs to unravel this playful banter even more!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why did someone suggest CarryMinati roast DJ Mrinal?

  • Well, you know how the internet is – always up for a good laugh! Someone in the crowd threw the idea, probably just for fun.

2. What was CarryMinati’s response to the suggestion?

  • CarryMinati, in his classic style, questioned, “Who is DJ Mrinal?” leaving everyone curious about his take on the matter.

3. How did DJ Mrinal react to CarryMinati’s response?

  • DJ Mrinal took it in stride and jokingly claimed that CarryMinati must be afraid of him since he’s not roasting him.

4. Is there any actual feud between DJ Mrinal and CarryMinati?

  • Nope, it seems to be all in good fun. These internet personalities often engage in playful banter for entertainment.

5. Will CarryMinati eventually roast DJ Mrinal?

  • Who knows? The internet is full of surprises, and anything can happen in the world of online content creation!

There you have it, folks! Another day in the wild world of online entertainment. Stay tuned for more juicy updates.

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